E-Gel DNA Ladders

Invirtrogen E-Gel DNA ladders are premixed with loading buffer and formulated specifically for optimum performance on Invitrogen E-Gel precast agarose gels.

  • Performance—designed for use on E-Gel agarose gel cassettes
  • Sharp, clear bands—chromatography-purified fragments for consistent and reliable results
  • Versatile—broad size range from 10 bp to 12 Kb
  • Convenient—premixed in loading buffer, supplied with loading dye for sample DNA, and stable at room temperature

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Selecting the best E-Gel DNA Ladder for your analysis

The key to accurate band analysis is to use the correct DNA ladder for your particular application. By selecting the E-Gel DNA Ladder of interest in Table 1, you will be directed to the corresponding product page for more details and ordering information. Also, review the compatibility table below for the recommended E-Gel DNA Ladders for different types of E-Gel agarose gels (Table 2).

Gel TypeGel Cat. No.% AgaroseE-Gel 96 High Range DNA MarkerE-Gel 1 Kb Plus LadderE-Gel 1 Kb Plus Express LadderE-Gel 50 bp DNA LadderE-Gel Low Range Quantita-
tive DNA Ladder
E-Gel Sizing DNA LadderE-Gel Ultra Low Range DNA Ladder
Cat. No. 12352019Cat. No. 10488090Cat. No. 10488091Cat. No. 10488099Cat. No. 12373031Cat. No. 10488100Cat. No. 10488096
E-Gel EXG4010011%🔴   
G4010022%  🔴🔴 
G4010044%      🔴
E-Gel SYBR SafeG5218011.2%🔴🔴   
G5218022% 🔴  
E-Gel Single CombG5018080.8%🔴🔴   
G5018022% 🔴  
G5018044%      🔴
E-Gel Double CombG6018081% 🔴   
G6018022%  🔴  
E-Gel CloneWell IIG6618180.8% 🔴    
E-Gel SizeSelect IIG6610122%    🔴 
E-Gel NGSA257980.8% 🔴🔴   
E-Gel Go!G4410011%🔴   
G4410022%  🔴  
E-Gel 48G8008011% 🔴  
G8008022%  🔴  
G8008044%    🔴 
E-Gel 96G700801 1%🔴      
E-Gel 96 SYBR SafeG7208022%🔴      

🔴 Recommended Ladders
⭕ Compatible Ladders

E-Gel Sample Loading Buffer

E-Gel buffer

The Invitrogen E-Gel Sample Loading Buffer is a 1X buffer designed for use with E-Gel agarose gels. The buffer comes ready to use, and does not require further dilution. It contains the unique tracking dyes Xylene Cyanol FF (XCFF) and Tartrazine. These dyes allow you to visually track DNA migration during electrophoresis, and help indicate when maximum resolution is achieved.

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