E-Gel EX Gels

Ultra-sensitive detection of DNA

E-Gel EX gels were developed for ultimate sensitivity and demonstrate over 5-fold greater sensitivity than comparable gels containing ethidium bromide. The superior sensitivity allows you to use lower amounts of sample, saving time and money.

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E-Gel EX gels are the fastest resolving gels in the E-Gel product line and feature:

  • Complete separation in just 10 minutes
  • Ultra sensitive detection of DNA
  • Quick check of RNA samples
  • Live monitoring of DNA migration without the hazards of UV light
  • Easy access to the gel for extraction of DNA bands
Invitrogen E-Gel Double Comb Agarose Gels

Take advantage of our updated Invitrogen E-Gel Double Comb Agarose Gels. They offer twice the number of sample wells per cassette compared to standard E-Gels, reducing analysis limitations, and lowering the cost per reaction.

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Our fastest, most sensitive precast agarose gels

E-Gel EX gels offer complete resolution of DNA or RNA samples typically in just 10 minutes. These gels are ideal for a quick check of the integrity of RNA samples or routine analysis of PCR products and plasmid preparations (Figure 1). E-Gel EX gels were developed for superior sensitivity over comparable gels containing ethidium bromide (Figure 2), allowing you to use less of your valuable sample.

Check the integrity of your RNA samples using E-Gel EX gels

Figure 1. Check the integrity of your RNA samples using E-Gel EX gels. RNA samples were separated on a 2% E-Gel EX gel using the preset E-Gel EX program on the E-Gel iBase Power System. Lanes M, 5, and 10: 0.1–2 kb RNA Ladder; lanes 1–4, 6–9: mouse total RNA, 200 ng per lane.

Sensitivity of DNA detection with E-Gel EX Gels

Figure 2. Sensitivity of DNA detection with E-Gel EX Gels. Two-fold serial dilutions of a 1 kb fragment, ranging from 1,000 ng to 1 ng, were separated on a 1% E-Gel EX Gel. Blue-light transillumination (with a Safe Imager Blue-Light Transilluminator) was used during documentation.

Easily excise bands of choice

Due to its innovative design, the Invitrogen E-Gel EX precast agarose gels can be opened to allow bands of choice to be easily excised after the run.


Follow these simple steps to excise your DNA band of choice:
1. Place the cassette on a bench with the wells facing up
2. Insert the sharp edge of the gel knife in the groove between the cassette halves, and lever the knife up and down
3. Open the cassette and excise the band

DNA electrophoresis has never been so simple. Your agarose gel is always ready to use, for any application and throughput. You can separate, purify and recover your nucleic acid fragments right from the gel, fast.

Order E-Gel EX Agarose Gels

ProductStain#Sample wellsRun time (min)ResolutionCat. No.
E-Gel EX Starter Kit, 1%SYBR Gold II1110100 bp–5 kbG8141ST
E-Gel EX Starter Kit, 2%SYBR Gold II111050 bp–2 kbG8142ST
E-Gel EX Gel, 1%, 10-PakSYBR Gold II1110100 bp–5 kbG401001
E-Gel EX Gel, 1%, 20-PakSYBR Gold II1110100 bp–5 kbG402001
E-Gel EX Gel, 2%, 10-PakSYBR Gold II111050 bp–2 kbG401002
E-Gel EX Gel, 2%, 20-PakSYBR Gold II111050 bp–2 kbG402002
E-Gel EX Gel, 4%, 10-PakSYBR Gold II111010 bp–400 bpG401004
E-Gel EX Double Comb Agarose Gels, 1% 10-PackSYBR Gold II225400 bp–5 kbA42345
E-Gel EX Double Comb Agarose Gels, 1% 20-PackSYBR Gold II225400 bp–5 kbA44887
E-Gel EX Double Comb Agarose Gels, 1% 50-PackSYBR Gold II225400 bp–5 kbA44888
E-Gel EX Double Comb Agarose Gels, 2% 10-PackSYBR Gold II22550 bp–2 kbA42346
E-Gel EX Double Comb Agarose Gels, 2% 20-PackSYBR Gold II22550 bp–2 kbA44889
E-Gel EX Double Comb Agarose Gels, 2% 50-PackSYBR Gold II22550 bp–2 kbA44890
5 min
5 min
5 min

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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