The 15 minute size separation and recovery system for library construction

  • Size separate free adapters from ligated product 10X faster in 3 easy steps
  • Optimized for tight, consistent recovery of DNA fragments <1Kb in size
  • Purified DNA is compatible with library construction protocols of major generation 2 sequencing platforms
  • Use recovered DNA directly in cloning reactions

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Size select DNA in 3 easy steps

With E-Gel® SizeSelect™ gels, you can separate and recover DNA for library construction in 3 easy steps,

E-Gel SizeSelect Gels are double-comb, pre-cast agarose gels with a twist. Load your sample into the top row and electrophorese until your band or desired size range enters the bottom row. Then, easily remove the size-selected DNA with a pipette. That’s it. No additional steps are required.

Reverse-run functionality on the E-Gel iBase™ Power System lets you capture bands of interest even if you miss the bands when they pass through the collection wells. Watch live migration of DNA with the E-Gel Safe Imager™ Real Time Transilluminator.

Have DNA ready for library construction 10x faster

The E-Gel SizeSelect gels allow users to separate and recover DNA for short read fragment library construction in just 15 minutes. That's 10 times faster than using conventional gels, and purification kits. E-Gel SizeSelect gels are offered in a 2% agarose concentration, and validated  for the recovery of fragments in the 150-200bp size range. Once the DNA is recovered, no additional purification step is required before proceeding to the next step in library construction. E-Gel SizeSelect system has been used successfully in these generation 2 library construction protocols:

  • ABI's SOLiD Fragment Library Construction
  • ABI's SOLiD Mate Pair Library Construction
  • Illumina's Genome Analyzer Fragment Library Construction
  • Illumina's Genome Analyzer Paired-end Library Construction

The Fastest and Most Accurate

The E-Gel SizeSelect system is the fastest, most accurate method for the separation and recovery of DNA fragments for library construction using a major generation 2 sequencing platform. The E-Gel SizeSelect system,

  • Dramatically reduces the time required to construct libraries
  • Provides tight, consistent size recovery of fragments <1Kb in size

The smartest way to gel-purify DNA for cloning reactions

E-Gel SizeSelect gels are the smartest way to gel-purify DNA fragments <1Kb in size for downstream cloning reactions. Purified DNA can be used directly in any cloning reaction without the need for additional purification kits. The proprietary stain incorporated in the E-Gel SizeSelect gels is five times more sensitive than ethidium bromide, allowing maximal retrieval of DNA bands. Avoid the personal hazards of UV exposure by using the Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator for visualization migrating DNA bands. The blue light produced by the Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator, ensures integrity of the sample DNA which in turn maximizes cloning efficiency.

  Figure 3. Cloning efficiency with E-Gel SizeSelect Gels and the Safe Imager blue light transilluminator. PCR-generated inserts of 3 different molecular weights were cloned into pCR® 2.1 TOPO® vector using manufacturer’s protocol. Prior to cloning, the fragments were purified from either E-Gel incorporated with ethidium bromide, or E-Gel SizeSelect gels. Fragments were retrieved from E-Gels with ethidium bromide by excision using a razor blade followed by column purification. Reactions were performed in triplicates and data are presented as average values. Standard deviations are represented as error bars.