E-Gel System and E1-ClipTip Pipette Starter Kit

Accelerate electrophoresis analysis with E1-ClipTip Pipettes and E-Gel Precast Systems

The E1-ClipTip Bluetooth Equalizer Pipette and E-Gel Electrophoresis Systems pair seamlessly for convenient, multichannel sample handling and rapid, real-time sample analysis that streamline your electrophoresis workflow. The E1-ClipTip and E-Gel System bundle kit help increase productivity and accuracy by loading an entire gel in a single pipetting event utilizing adjustable tip spacing. Learn more about electronic pipette gel-loading benefits by download the application note.

Bundle Kit Highlights

  • E1-ClipTip Bluetooth Equalizer Multichannel pipette - Significantly reduce pipetting time with adjustable tip spacing and programable electronic pipetting
  • E-Gel precast cassettes - self-contained and ready for use precast agarose gels eliminate the tedious gel preparation steps
  • E-Gel Electrophoresis Systems - Experience fast and convenient E-Gel agarose gel electrophoresis for standard or high-throughput nucleic acid analysis

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Each starter kit comes with:

  • E1-ClipTip Bluetooth Equalizer Multichannel Pipette (Cat. No. 4672040BT)
  • ClipTip Filtered 384 Format Pipette Tips (Cat. No. 94420103)
  • Your choice of E-Gel Electrophoresis System (options below)
  • Your choice of E-Gel Precast Agarose Gel Cassettes (options below)
  • E-Gel DNA Ladder

E1-ClipTip Electronic Equalizer Multichannel Pipettes feature adjustable tip spacing allowing pipette tips to fit a wide variety of labware formats where traditionally only single channel pipettes could be used. This makes it possible to transfer multiple samples between different lab formats at one time, helping to save time and repetitions as well as enabling easy sample tracking. In addition, the manual operation mode of the E1-ClipTip pipettes provides controlled pipetting action designed to help ensure precise and efficient gel loading without sample escaping from the wells.

E1-ClipTip Bluetooth Equalizer Pipette

The all-in-one Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System is designed for fast and convenient E-Gel agarose gel electrophoresis, from DNA sample loading to gel image. With dry precast E-Gel agarose gel technology, you can run DNA samples in as little as 10 minutes and observe sample separation in real time. It is the only benchtop system that seamlessly integrates DNA sample separation and gel imaging into one workflow.

E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System

Turn routine agarose gel electrophoresis into an automated, high-throughput operation with E-Gel 48 or 96 gels and E-Base integrated power systems. Whether you are analyzing multiple PCR products, plasmid preparations, or restriction digests or are performing SNP analysis, there is an E-Gel precast agarose gel for your throughput needs.

E-Gel E-Base Electrophoresis System

Invitrogen E-Gel precast gels are self-contained and ready for use with agarose, electrodes, and stain packaged inside a disposable cassette. There are no gels to pour, buffers to make, staining or destaining steps to perform, or gel boxes to assemble. Just load your samples and run.

E-Gel EX precast agarose gels

E-Gel EX gels were developed for high sensitivity, standard throughput resolution of nucleic acid fragments. E-Gel EX precast gels run on the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System.

E-Gel 48 and E-Gel 96 precast agarose gels

E-Gel 48 and E-Gel 96 precast agarose gels are ready-to-use and designed for medium- to high-throughput resolution of nucleic acid fragments. E-Gel 48 and E-Gel 96 precast gels run on the Mother and Daughter E-Base System.

If you are unsure which one is right for your application, use our E-Gel precast gel selection guide

E-Gel Precast Agarose Gels
E-Gel Precast Agarose Gels


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