RNA Ladders & Markers

RNA ladders consist of RNA fragments for sizing single-stranded RNA in glyoxal or formaldehyde agarose gels. We supply a wide range of RNA ladders for accurate size and mass estimations (quantitation) of RNA transcripts from 0.1 to 10 kb.

Ambion RNA Markers

Ambion RNA ladders and markers are available for sizing single-stranded RNA in glyoxal or formaldehyde agarose gels.The Ambion Millennium markers are evenly spaced, making them ideal for constructing accurate standard curves for mRNA size determination.

Ambion Millenium Markers

Get accurate size determination of single-stranded RNA between 0.5 and 9 kb and also use in any northern blot protocol.

Ambion Century Markers

For isotopic and nonisotopic ribonuclease protection assays—when single-stranded RNA size standards are needed for denaturing gel electrophoresis.

RNA Marker Selection Guide

We offer unique RNA ladders and markers for a wide variety of size ranges, applications, and formats. The key to accurate band analysis is to use the correct marker or standard for your particular application. Use the selection chart to help you choose the one you need.

RNA Marker Selection Guide

Ambion RNA Ladder

The Ambion RNA Ladder is a set of six RNA transcripts with sizes ranging from 0.2 to 6 kb. The RNA ladder is designed for use with the Agilent Lab-on-a-Chip.

Ambion RNA ladders

Figure 1. Ambion RNA Ladder, typical data.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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