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For over two decades, our scientists have developed innovative and robust RNA Extraction Solution products that make your job as a scientist easier. Our goal is to provide unique and reliable products, services, and support to solve the problems researchers frequently face when working with RNA.

RNA isolation is a crucial step in the journey to discovery.  Whatever downstream application you are attempting to do, you can be confident that our portfolio of products and support can support you.  Our RNA extraction products include Organic, silica spin columns, crude lysate, and magnetic beads.  Some of these familiar products include Ambion Cells-to-CT KitsTRIzol, PureLinkMagMAX, mirVana, and Dynabeads isolation technologies. All products are developed based on our desire for you to have maximum confidence in your results. We also offer RNA Custom Services.

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MagMAX Magnetic Beads

High-quality, intact RNA using magnetic beads