Working with RNA? Make sure your lab is stocked with Ambion's premier RNA products.

Purchase these RNA essential buffers, reagents, and nuclease-free plastics and save 20% off the list price! *
SKU Product Name Size
AM7024RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Solution 250 ml
AM7021RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Solution 500 mL
AM7020RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Solution 100 mL
AM7030RNAlater®-ICE 25 mL
AM2696SUPERase-In™ RNase inhibitor 10,000 units
AM2694SUPERase-In™ RNase inhibitor 2500 units
AM9782RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Solution 6 X 250 mL
AM9780RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Solution 250 mL
AM9786RNaseZap® RNase Decontamination Wipes 100 wipes
AM8670ULTRAhyb® Ultrasensitive Hybridization Buffer 125 mL
AM8669ULTRAhyb® Ultrasensitive Hybridization Buffer 4 x 125 mL
AM8663ULTRAhyb®-Oligo 125 mL
AM9932Nuclease-free Water (not DEPC-treated) 1000 mL
AM9930Nuclease-free Water (not DEPC-treated) 500 mL
AM9935RT-PCR Grade Water 10 X 1.75 mL
AM12640Barrier (Filter) Tips10 µL, Pipetman™
AM12665Barrier (Filter) Tips1000 µL
AM12645Barrier (Filter) Tips 20 µL
AM12500Conical Tubes (racked) 15 mL
AM12400RNase-free Microfuge Tubes 1.5 mL
Please reference promotion code RNAESS when placing your order. To learn more about Ambion® select nuclease-free reagents and plastics, as well as RNase control and RNA stabilization products, please read our articles:

  • RNAse Control: The Basics
  • Ten Ways to Improve your RNA Isolation

* The discount of 20% off list the price of select Ambion® products is valid until December 31, 2011. Discounts will be applied to the list price at the time the customer's purchase order is received. Promotional discount cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Void where prohibited. Other restrictions may apply.

Promotion limited to the US, Canada, Western Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Customers in other regions, please contact your local Invitrogen sales representative.