Real-time qPCR results directly from cells

CellsDirect qRT-PCR kits deliver highly sensitive and specific, real-time qPCR results directly from cells, without the need for an RNA purification step when testing with less than 10,000 cells per reaction to as low as 1 cell. CellsDirect technology is designed for maximum sensitivity with small samples (Figure 1). By eliminating costly, time-consuming RNA purification procedures (Figure 2), it is especially valuable for high-throughput applications and is ideal for gene expression and RNAi knockdown experiments.

  • Increased sensitivity—No RNA isolation steps to avoid sample loss and PCR inhibition - use of SSIII for extensive sensitivity down to 1 cell / reaction.
  • Significant savings—Less hands-on time and a lower cost than RNA purification kits
  • Robust qPCR results—Real-time detection of targets from a single cell to 10,000 cells
  • Versatility—Compatible with a wide variety of cell lines and samples from Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)
Chart shows data for CellsDirect One Step qRT-PCR

Figure 1. CellsDirect qRT-PCR kits provide sensitive detection down to a single cell.

HeLa cells were lysed and resuspended according to the CellsDirect protocol. Ten-fold serial dilutions of cell lysate were prepared from 10,000 cells to one cell. A low abundance target, RRKCA, was detected using a TaqMan probe with the CellsDirect One-Step qRT-PCR Kit with ROX on an ABI PRISM 7700 instrument. Efficiency as measured from a standard curve (not shown) was 97%, with an R² value of 0.998.

CellsDirect qR-PCR Method

Figure 2. CellsDirect technology increases throughput.

CellsDirect qRT-PCR technology provides a significant savings of hands-on time and cost compared to conventional qRT-PCR methods involving expensive and lengthy RNA purification steps.

CellsDirect One-Step qRT-PCR Kits

CellsDirect One-Step qRT-PCR kits combine sensitivity with the highest level of convenience and throughput. With CellsDirect One-Step Kits, just add your cell lysate directly to your qRT-PCR reaction mixture, place it in your real-time instrument, and go. These kits are ideal for gene ex­pression assays from samples collected using LCM (Figure 3).

CellsDirect Real-Time qPCR results

Figure 3. CellsDirect One-Step qRT-PCR Kits provide sensitive results with LCM samples.