Fast RNA extraction with PureLink RNA Mini Kit

PureLink RNA Mini Kit with red and white box, reagents, and tubes

The Invitrogen PureLink RNA Mini Kit provides rapid column-based purification of total RNA from a broad range of cell and tissue types. Compatible cell and tissue types include mammalian cells, plant cells, yeast cells, bacteria, and blood.

  • High-quality RNA in less than 20 minutes
  • Up to 1,000 ug of purified RNA from a single extraction
  • No hazardous organic (phenol/chloroform)  extraction lysis

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PureLink RNA Mini Kit to qPCR workflow

RNA purified from tissue culture cells using the PureLink RNA Mini Kit is ready for RT-PCR and subsequent downstream analysis by qPCR using gold-standard Applied Biosystems TaqMan gene expression assays. An example qPCR workflow for gene expression analysis using RNA isolated using the PureLink RNA Mini Kit is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. An example of PureLink RNA Mini Kit to qPCR workflow. This workflow begins with RNA isolation from tissue culture using the PureLink RNA Mini Kit. The total RNA obtained from the sample is then ready for RT-PCR with the ProFlex PCR System. Relative amounts of RNA between samples are measured using TaqMan assays via qPCR using the QuantStudio 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System.

How much RNA can be extracted from one million cells using PureLink RNA Mini Kit?

Depending on the cell or sample type and starting amount, the PureLink RNA Mini Kit extracts an average yield of 1.8–350 µg per sample (Table 1). View the list of cells/sample types compatible with the PureLink RNA Mini Kit in Table 2

Table 1. Average yields of total RNA obtained from various samples using the RNA PureLink Mini Kit

Sample typeSampleStarting amountAverage yield (µg)
Animal cellsHeLa cells1 x 106 cells15–20
293 cells1 x 106 cells20–25

Animal tissue

Rat liver10 mg
100 mg
Rat brain10 mg
100 mg
Rat spleen10 mg
100 mg
Calf thymus10 mg
100 mg
Plant tissueArabidopsis100 mg26
Wheat100 mg31
Corn100 mg36
Rice100 mg37
Alfalfa100 mg32
Soybean100 mg38
Sugar beet100 mg
200 mg65
Yeast cells

S. cerevisiae

1 x 107
5 x 108125

Table 2. Sample sizes compatible with RNA PureLink Mini Ki

Animal and plant cellsUp to 5 × 107 cells
Animal tissueUp to 200 mg
Bacterial cellsUp to 109 cells
Plant tissueUp to 250 mg
Whole bloodUp to 0.2 mL
Yeast cellsUp to 5 x 108 cells

High quality RNA extraction using PureLink RNA Mini Kit

Column kits are available for total RNA, mRNA, miRNA, small RNA, viral RNA, and sequence-specific RNA extractions. Total RNA isolated using the PureLink RNA Mini Kit can be used in many downstream applications, which require high-quality total RNA (Figure 2). These downstream applications include:

  • Microarray analysis
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Northern blotting
  • Nuclease protection assays
  • qPCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • cDNA library construction and synthesis

If removal of residual DNA is necessary, the PureLink RNA Mini Kit offers on-column treatment to save time and precious RNA samples, or post-isolation DNase treatment with the PureLink DNase Set.

Silica-based purification protocol using PureLink RNA Mini Kit

PureLink technology combines non-toxic lysis with the speed, purity and ease of use of silica-membrane column RNA purification. The safe and easy RNA purification procedure can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and high-quality total RNA can be obtained from mini- to midi-prep amounts of starting material with no genomic DNA contamination.

Video: PureLink RNA Mini Kit protocol

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