Viral RNA/DNA Purification

Viral analysis of biological and environmental samples requires the use of advanced technologies to assure assay effectiveness. Molecular technologies are essential tools for rapid detection and identification of the most significant viruses.

We are a leading supplier of the most successful tools used for viral RNA and DNA capture, purification, and qRT-PCR and qPCR analyses.

PureLink Viral RNA/DNA purification

Both spin-column and 96-well plate kits are designed for fast and easy isolation of viral RNA or DNA from cell-free samples such as serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and cell culture supernatant.

  • Complete solution for both viral RNA and DNA
  • Yields highly concentrated viral nucleic acids for greater sensitivity in detection
  • Ideal for real-time PCR and endpoint analysis

PureLink Viral RNA/DNA purification

RNA UltraSense One-Step qRT-PCR

Combines SuperScript III reverse transcriptase and Platinum Taq polymerase to deliver greater sensitivity and more reliable data. Detection with D-LUX fluorogenic primers or TaqMan® probes.

  • Highest sensitivity for best detection of low-copy viruses
  • Rapid optimization for difficult RNA secondary structures
  • Powered by SuperScript III RT performance and Platinum Taq accuracy

RNA UltraSense One-Step qRT-PCR

Specific Capture of Viral RNA/DNA

Target a specific viral RNA or DNA sequence and capture only that specific nucleic acid sequence directly from crude lysates or other biological fluids. Captured nucleic acids are pure and suitable for a wide range of downstream applications including identification of infectious agents and detection of mutated sequences.

  • Targeted, highly sensitive capture of specific viral RNA/DNA from almost any sample
  • Established, proven, reliable technology
  • Consistent results
  • Automation-friendly

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Dynabeads SILANE Viral RNA/DNA

Sensitive and highly consistent isolation of viral RNA and DNA from cell-free samples. These Dynabeads have an optimized surface chemistry for viral nucleic acid purification and provide efficient kinetics and a high sensitivity. Dynabeads uniform size and surface area ensure reproducible results.

  • Easily isolate nucleic acids from challenging viruses present at extremely low titers
  • Performs to the same level as spin columns
  • Faster than spin columns
  • Automation-friendly

Viral RNA/DNA Purification Kit with Dynabeads SILANE

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