Obtain purified viral RNA or DNA manually or using automated extraction

PureLink Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit

Flexibility meets sensitivity for virus extraction research. Obtain the ultimate in viral detection sensitivity with the PureLink enhanced lysis/binding buffer formulation that provides the highest sensitivity in viral RNA/DNA recovery using silica spin columns or 96 plates (Figure 1). PureLink Pro 96 viral RNA or DNA extraction can be performed manually using centrifugation or vacuum manifold processing, or on automated platforms with equivalent results. Furthermore, equally high sensitivity is retained when switching from a spin column to a 96 well plate format, making the PureLink Pro 96 Viral RNA/DNA Kits the most flexible and sensitive viral extraction kits available anywhere.

Choose the Kit That Best Suits Your Needs

  • The PureLink Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit accommodates starting volumes of up to 500 µL, and elution volumes as low as 10 µL
  • The PureLink Pro 96 Viral RNA/DNA Kit can be used on a vacuum manifold or centrifuge, requires a minimum speed of just 2,250xg, and uses a bucket depth of only 50 mm, eliminating the need for high speed centrifugation with deep bucket rotors

Figure 1. Sensitivity comparison of the PureLink Pro 96 Viral DNA/RNA Purification System with Spin column purification. Various concentrations of Armored RNA HCV were prepared in human plasma and 200 uL of the plasma was used for viral RNA purification with both the PureLink Pro 96 viral DNA/RNA purification system and the PureLink Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit. After the purification, Armored RNA HCV-specific primers were used for the qRT-PCR using the SuperScript III Platinum One-Step Quantitative RT-PCR kit. Note that recovery of Armored RNA was nearly identical between the spin kit and the 96 well plate.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.