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Which of the following Invitrogen technologies are you currently using in your miRNA research? (Check as many as apply) *

 PureLink® miRNA isolation kit
 Rediplate™ 96 RiboGreen RNA quantitation kit
 Quant-it Ribogreen® RNA Assay Kit
 NCode™ miRNA Amplification System
 NCode™ miRNA Labeling System
 NCode™ Multi-Species miRNA Microarray V2
 NCode™ Multi-Species miRNA Microarray Controls
 NCode™ Multi-Species miRNA Microarray Probe Set V2
 NCode™ SYBR® Green miRNA qRT-PCR Kit
 NCode™ miRNA First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
 Greater than 2 years
 6 months to 2 years
 Less than 6 months
 I do not perform miRNA profiling research

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