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Optimized gene expression and genotyping solutions

Advanced DNA and RNA sequencing technology has created large pools of data that are being studied to better understand the meaning and consequences of variation in genomic DNA and its transcription products. We offer a broad range of strategies and solutions for investigating gene expression and genomic diversity that fit the varying needs of today's research laboratories.

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Gene expression analysis and genotyping solutions

We are committed to equipping scientists with optimized instruments, reagents, software, and services to help them advance discovery and biological understanding.

Real-time PCR is a fast, easy, and affordable technique for studying gene expression analysis and SNP genotyping. Results from microarrays and RNA sequencing are often validated using real-time PCR with Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan® Assays.

Digital PCR uses molecular counting to provide highly precise and sensitive results. It is ideal for applications such as absolute quantification of differential gene expression and rare-allele detection.

Fast, affordable next-generation sequencing platforms help you discover and analyze genetic variation using genomic and targeted sequencing methods. Use transcriptome sequencing to study differentially expressed genes.

Innovative Affymetrix™ products, tools and resources that help advance gene expression and genotyping research via microarray analysis.

Sanger sequencing is the gold-standard sequencing technique and the ultimate tool for confirming genetic variation. It also supports gene expression profiling approaches such as SAGE and high-coverage gene expression profiling (HiCEP).

QuantiGene™ RNA assays are 96- and 384- well, hybridization-based assays that utilize a branched DNA technology for signal amplification for the direct quantitation of gene expression.

Obtain microscopic samples for precisely targeted microgenomics using our Applied Biosystems™ Arcturus™ laser capture microdissection (LCM) tools.

Optimized platforms for NGS, Sanger sequencing, and real-time PCR that offer highly effective approaches to analysis of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other eukaryotic microorganisms and microbial communities.