See how other scientists are using Thermo Fisher Scientific gene expression solutions

Read some testimonials from key opinion leaders in gene expression analysis about how our cross-technology solutions assisted in their research.

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Dr. Darren Roberts

Division of Cancer Sciences, The University of Manchester
Research area: tumor biology

“We use different technologies at different stages of the project. So, in the discovery phase, we want to have as much information as we possibly can. But as we progress thru the project, we’re interested in developing a test which is clinically useful. So that puts a different focus on which technology you use at that time.”

Dr. Iain Gallagher

Health Sciences and Sport, University of Stirling
Research area: type 2 diabetes

“One of the advantages to working with Thermo Fisher is the extensive portfolio of products that they offer… There’s an ability to choose the technology that best suits the particular kind of follow-up study.”

Jeff June

CEO and Founder, Ischemia Care
Research area: stroke

“It’s been a great opportunity working with Thermo Fisher, from beginning to end of the development of our products.  I think the support is unparalleled which really goes beyond the products. I think what’s really kept us on track and put us on the pathway to be very successful in what we do is the combination of outstanding sales support, service, understanding of the products and understanding to meet our needs as we build for the future.”

Yesim Polar, PhD

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine
Research area: breast cancer

“I am a molecular biologist by training, and I can easily use this technology [Clariom Assays] any time. I can go back to the software [TAC4.0] myself and further analyze other genes that are downstream.”