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Research into human genetic variation has provided insight into common and rare diseases, accelerated the pace of drug development, and paved the way towards the future of precision medicine. Scientists employing genotyping analysis are looking to untangle the complex relationships between genotype and phenotype in studies focused on single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertion or deletion polymorphisms (indels), and copy number variants (CNVs).

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of genotyping solutions for SNP, indel, and CNV analysis that support all stages of your workflow, from large-scale discovery to targeted use in routine applications. Don’t be limited by your technology—we’re here to help you find the best genotyping tool for your study, no matter the number of markers or number of samples.

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Genotyping technologies

Real-time PCR for genotyping

Genotyping by real-time PCR is a rapid, reliable approach widely used for the confirmation of SNPs and CNVs and to small numbers of markers in hundreds or even millions of samples.

Genotyping microarrays

Used in many of the world’s largest genetic studies, the innovative Axiom Genotyping Solution is a portfolio of array-based tools ideal for everything from genome-wide analysis to routine screening of complex genetic traits.

Targeted genotyping by sequencing

Fast, affordable next-generation sequencing platforms help you discover and analyze genetic variants using genomic and targeted sequencing methods.

Digital PCR for genotyping

Digital PCR uses molecular counting to provide highly precise, sensitive results, and is ideal for low-frequency/rare allele detection.

Fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis

Your genetic analyzer is more powerful than you may think. One platform performs both sequencing and a multitude of fragment analysis applications including SNP genotyping.


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