These changes apply only to the BioPrime® aCGH labeling kit, Cat no. 18095-011:

We want to inform you that the current purification columns included in this kit are no longer available and we have decided to make improvements in the purification step rather than discontinue this product.

The new purification module contains the same columns that we use in the newer BioPrime® Total Labeling kits that include Alexa Fluor® dyes. Though we are changing the columns we are not changing the catalog number for the kit. We have seen no difference in performance other than an improvement in the removal of unincorporated dye which does reduce the background signal on the arrays.

Purelink™ columns reduce background

Since there is greater removal of free dye the apparent yield and degree of labeling calculation may seem to decrease slightly. This is a direct result of the improved free dye removal of the new purification kit and actually corresponds to reduced background and improved ability to make calls.

Comparisons of Macherey Nagel (BioPrime® Array CGH Genomic Labeling System – lanes A,C) and PureLink™ (BioPrime® Array CGH Genomic Labeling System – lanes B,D) purified products shows that the majority of the free nucleotides are removed with PureLink™ purifications.  In addition PureLink™ captures more high molecular weight reaction products.  The labeling data further indicated that there is no purification bias for labeled and unlabeled nucleotides, as the Degree of Labeling was not effected by two different purification methods.

Figure 1. Comparasion of Purelink and Microcon columns. Labeled products were separated by electrophoresis in 6% TBE-Urea gels and visualized on a Typhoon scanner/imager (Applied Biosystems) using the fluorescein channel (MW markers), Cy3/AF3 and Cy5/AF5 channel (labeling reaction products).