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Introducing the only complete genome editing solution designed to expedite your research. Our easy-to-use optimized and validated solutions span the entire cell engineering workflow, making genome editing accessible to anyone at any level. We are continuing to expand our suite of genome editing products to span the entire cell engineering workflow, from cell culture reagents, delivery reagents and sample preparation to genome modification, to detection and analysis of known genetic variants. We offer our state of the art online CRISPR search and design tool along with CRISPR-Cas9 in four formats, an all-in-one expression vector, Cas9 mRNA, Cas9 protein, and CRISPR Libraries services paired with the optimal cell culture reagents, delivery method, and analysis tools based on your application and cell type.

Cell engineering workflow  CRISPR search and design tool

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Available GeneArt CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing tools.

CRISPR-Cas9 system greatly simplifies genome editing and has great promise in broad applications such as stem cell engineering, gene therapy, tissue and animal disease models, and engineering disease-resistant transgenic plants. 

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Optimal CRISPR design at the touch of a finger

Quickly search and design optimal CRISPR gRNAs with minimal off-target effects on your desktop.

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NEW GeneArt™ Precision™ gRNA Synthesis Kit

Complete system for rapid synthesis of transfection-ready gRNA

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Product Quantity Cat. No.
GeneArt CRISPR nuclease mRNA 15 μg A25640
GeneArt Precision gRNA Synthesis Kit 25 reactions A29377
GeneArt Strings™ U6 DNA > 200 ng Contact us
GeneArt Strings™ T7 DNA > 200 ng Contact us
Custom in vitro transcribed gRNA   Contact us

Want us to design your target oligonucleotide and clone it for you?

Contact us at We’ll design it and provide you with 100 ng of transfection-quality DNA. 

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