New libraries. New capabilities. New discoveries.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is applying the power of the CRISPR-Cas9 system to high throughput screening applications with our new Invitrogen™ LentiArray™ CRISPR libraries. These arrayed CRISPR libraries are designed to provide you with a flexible system that adapts to your needs and your screening goals. Find out how our new CRISPR libraries can expand your screening capabilities and help you make your next big discovery.

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Find the right CRISPR library for your needs

New LentiArray CRISPR Libraries

Arrayed libraries of gRNAs in lentiviral expression constructs providing a potent delivery method for complete gene knock out.

TrueGuide CRISPR Libraries

Purified, ready-to-transfect gRNA CRISPR libraries for complete gene knock out.

Two library collections—one goal

The CRISPR-Cas9 system provides an efficient method for specific, complete, and permanent gene knockout and is a potent tool for making new discoveries about gene function. The LentiArray and TrueGuide CRISPR library collections harness this capability and expand it into high throughput applications to create the next generation of tools for functional genomics screening. The two library collections were designed to meet the needs of different researchers but share a common goal, to help drive new discoveries.

Shared features of the LentiArray and TrueGuide Libraries

  • Arrayed libraries in flexible formats to allow for a wide array of assays
  • Advanced gRNA designs for maximum knockout efficiency without sacrificing specificity
  • Up to 4 high quality gRNAs per gene target for efficient knockout in a wide variety of cell types
  • Complete set of controls to streamline assay development
  • 19 defined libraries and custom options available allowing you to focus on defined gene sets or perform unbiased whole genome surveys.
  • Single gRNA and custom arrays available to support rapid validation of hits