LentiArray Cas9 Lentivirus

Invitrogen LentiArray Cas9 Lentivirus provides an efficient method to drive high level Cas9 nuclease expression in a wide variety of cell types. The LentiArray Cas9 lentivirus construct includes a human codon optimized version of Cas9 with 2 nuclear localization signal (NLS) (one on C-terminus and one on the N-terminus) to facilitate efficient delivery into the nucleus. LentiArray Cas9 lentivirus gives you the ability to create a stable pool of Cas9 expressing cells or isolate stable Cas9 expressing clones.

LentiArray Cas9 lentivirus can be used in screening applications with Invitrogen LentiArray CRISPR libraries and Invitrogen LentiArray CRISPR gRNAs, for targeted gene experiments.

LentiArray Cas9 Lentivirus is provided as high titer, ready-to-use lentivirus at 1x107 TU/mL and is available in two sizes. The 100 μL size is sufficient for the creation of the Cas9 expressing pools and isolating Cas9 stable clones while the larger 1 mL size is designed to support co-infection studies in either single gene targeting or screening applications.