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Precise and flexible editing, targeting any gene in any cell with all-around freedom

We’ve developed robust algorithms that allow us to generate the most optimal TAL effector designs. Your choice of targets is practically unlimited. The predictability with which Invitrogen TAL effectors bind to exact DNA sequences makes it possible to target any sequence in the genome. From designing, synthesizing and validating your TALEN, we offer end-to-end services to support every step in genome editing. Our dedicated staff of R&D scientists and technical support specialists are ready to partner with you and your colleagues to accelerate your research program.

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Licensing TALEN technology

Thermo Fisher Scientific is currently the only provider of TALEN technology products and services that includes rights under foundational TAL IP invented at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, the University of Minnesota, and Iowa State University. For further information on licensing our TALEN products/services for use outside of internal research please contact us at outlicensing@thermofisher.com

Available designer TALEN engineering services

The choice of the effector domain determines whether the TAL effector edits or activates the targeted gene. TAL effectors are supplied as mRNA. Choose from a number of services to customize your genome engineering project. See also custom TALEN cell line engineering services.

Available formatTAL FOKI Endonuclease
Recommended format based on applicationKO, deletion, and KI
Deliverable formatin-vitro transcribed mRNA
Compatible transfection reagentMessengerMax or Neon

Based on our experience, we recommend that you design and test at least 3 TAL effector pairs and choose the design that provides you with the highest efficiency and minimal off-target effects. We therefore offer a validation service where we design and test at least 3 sequence variations and provide you with the best performing TAL pair.

Tool validation services

  • Validate TALEN efficacy via GCD assay
  • Validate TALEN efficacy via on-target NGS analysis

TALEN activator validation services

  • Validate TALEN efficacy via GCD assay
  • Validate TALEN efficacy via on-target NGS analysis
  • Taqman gene expression qPCR analysis
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