Visualize, process, and manage spectroscopy data

Visualize, process, and manage spectroscopy data

Solve your most challenging spectroscopy data analysis challenges using Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS™ Suite Spectroscopy Software. This software is the premier solution for visualizing, processing, and managing spectroscopy data. Because the GRAMS Suite offers broad compatibility with many different instrument data types and has a simple user interface, it improves access to data, facilitates collaboration, and reduces the need for multiple software packages and associated training.

Which GRAMS Suite product is right for you?

Product Name Description Key Features
GRAMS/AI™ Spectroscopy Software Your go-to platform for spectroscopy data processing. This software facilitates data access and collaboration, and reduces software training costs.
  • Data visualization
  • Spectral processing
  • Spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis
GRAMS IQ™ Spectroscopy Software Easily create, maintain, and extend robust chemometric calibration models for multivariate analysis.
  • Chemometric modeling
  • Principal component analysis
  • Partial least squares regression
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Spectral ID Get all the spectral matching tools and features you’re looking for plus the industry’s broadest data compatibility.
  • Spectral library searching
  • Library creation
Spectral ID Server for Enterprise Library Sharing Extend the capabilities of Spectral ID to allow valuable commercial and user-defined spectral libraries to be searched and shared across the enterprise.
  • Enterprise-wide spectral library searching
Spectral DB for Spectral Data Management Easily save, organize, retrieve, view, and share data with others in the workgroup.
  • Manage and share spectral and chromatographic data

Get more from the GRAMS Suite with add-on modules

Product Name Description Key Features
ExcelExchange Easily share data between GRAMS Suite applications and Microsoft® Excel.
  • Import data from Excel to GRAMS
  • Export data from GRAMS to Excel
IQ Predict Apply GRAMS IQ calibrations to spectral data of unknown samples.
  • Deploy chemometric calibrations anywhere
QuickQuant ActiveApp™ Spectroscopy Software The solution for simplified peak quantification. This software guides users through the calibration process for faster, better quantification results.
  • Simple quantitative analysis
GRAMS/3D Spectroscopy Software Manipulate large 3D data sets in real time—right on the desktop—to uncover valuable spectroscopic information hidden in multidimensional data sets.
  • Visualize 3D data sets
GRAMS Envision™ Spectroscopy Software for Complex Data Visualization Transfer data quickly and easily to other products within the GRAMS suite software or standardize reports from multiple instrument vendors.
  • Visualize complex data sets
Remspec ReactionSleuth™ ActiveApp™ Analyze spectroscopic reaction data and extract time-based trendlines from GRAMS Suite multifiles using this software’s versatile visual interface.
  • Reaction analysis
  • Trendline extraction
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