Unlock the potential of your data

DataSafe Solutions let you focus on results, not your data storage

The loss of data from a single run could potentially incur thousands of dollars in lost reagents, time, and precious samples. Did you know that external hard drives and USB flash drives may be vulnerable to malfunction, damage, and theft? DataSafe Solutions minimize the risk of losing valuable data with a scalable network storage solution. DataSafe Solutions are end-to-end, including storage consultation, data lifecycle planning, system design, hardware, integration, and ongoing support. The network storage hardware provides on-premises storage with enterprise-class redundancy, adding layers of protection should a disaster or hard drive failure occur. The solution is scalable and can grow with your increased storage needs, so that you don't have to pay for more storage than you need.

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Benefits of DataSafe solutions


  • Zero load on your team; rely on our storage consultants for storage hardware and white-glove services
  • Includes hardware integration, backup and replication services, defining access rights, and other advanced configurations
  • Includes one year of storage administrator support and hardware support


  • Transfer rates up to 100x faster than off-site or cloud storage
  • Helps your instrument run more smoothly by freeing up on-instrument storage


  • Physical, on-site device with disk-failure tolerance
  • Controlled access to your laboratory results 
  • Automated backup and replication services


  • Private storage space for your laboratory and instrument data
  • Compatible with NGS, real-time PCR, Sanger sequencing, imaging, and other laboratory data
  • Scales as you grow: add instruments and add capacity

Collection of instruments connected to cloud server

Shared storage space
for all the instruments in your lab

DataSafe Solutions allow you to share, store, and back up all the data in the lab. This cross-platform solution can be used to store NGS, qPCR, Sanger sequencing, mass spectrometry, and imaging data.

DataSafe Solutions technical specifications

Usable storage capacity

24 TB solution, 48 TB solution, 110 TB solution, 
Custom solution

Storage strategy consultation Included
Multi-instrument enabled Yes
Data sharing enabled Yes
Data analysis enabled No
Solution location On premises
Platform compatibility NGS, qPCR, Sanger sequencing, imaging, mass spectrometry, lab PCs and laptops
Download and upload speeds 1 or 10 GbE
Replication and snapshotting enabled Yes
Customized backup scheduling and journaling Yes
Storage scalability Yes
How do DataSafe Solutions compare to other options?