Scientist using LIMS for Chemical Manufacturers, SampleManager LIMS software

Laboratory software for chemical manufacturing

As a chemical manufacturer, you drive the innovations that make modern living possible. Your discoveries form the building blocks of manufactured goods, helping solve the problems of a growing world population. But, innovation is not enough. Staying focused on the needs of tomorrow doesn’t free you from the business requirements of today. Are you maintaining quality across batches and ensuring efficiencies to reduce costs? Are your analysts following your standard operating procedures? Are you meeting regulatory requirements for data integrity? Are you providing the necessary safety information on hazardous substances, as required by local regulatory guidelines?

Helping to ensure quality, efficiency, and throughput of continuous processes

As a chemical manufacturer, you need a LIMS to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy of your discoveries.  With the right LIMS, your laboratory can optimize the efficiency and throughput of continuous processes, comply with regulations and safety standards, and perform rigorous testing and continuous real-time monitoring. Most importantly, you need these capabilities built into your laboratory workflow, enabling your scientists to stay focused on science.

An ideal LIMS is one that supports the connected laboratory, serving as an integrated platform connecting key enterprise processes, instruments, and systems. Specifically developed for enterprise deployments, Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS software is the choice for many chemical companies because it is scalable, flexible and configurable to accommodate a variety of workflows, lab types and user communities. SampleManager LIMS software integrates easily with other applications and instruments in and out of the lab, providing one standard user-interface and enabling data sharing across the organization.

With a connected laboratory solution from Thermo Fisher Scientific, your laboratory can be part of the digital transformation in today’s laboratory. You’ll have the tools you need to drive efficiency and ensure product quality. One system connecting your critical instrumentation and data, monitoring product quality, instrument calibration, plant performance, and environmental conditions. One system to help meet the business requirements of today while you focus on the needs of tomorrow.

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