Biosafety Cabinets
Class II biological safety cabinets are one of the most popular and effective types of laboratory equipment. Class II BSCs provide four protections
    – Personal Protection
    – Product or Sample Protection
    – Environmental Protection
    – Protection from Cross-Contamination
These devices are required and recommended worldwide for the safe handling of biologically hazardous materials. 

The difference is our design

  • Thermo Scientific SmartFlow and SmartFlow Plus technology features dual-DC motors to automatically balance the cabinet inflow and downflow air velocities in real time
  • Digital Airflow Verification (DAVe and DAVePlus) independently monitor inflow and downflow and signal should either parameter exceed set values
  • Superior containment and cleanliness achieved with intelligent long lasting energy efficient DC motors 
  • Independent validation of design, construction, and performance by NSF International, TUV-Nord, LNE and other nationally recognized laboratories

Select from a series of certified biological safety cabinets


Over ninety percent of biosafety cabinets worldwide are Class II biosafety cabinets of the type A2 variety. Class II BSC is specified in the European Standard (EN 12469) and the Class II, Type A2 BSC is specified in NSF/ANSI 49, YY 0569, and other standards. While clean benches only provide product or sample protection, Class II biosafety cabinets also protect the BSC user and the environment. The Class II BSC configuration provides accessible safety and contamination control. Units are used as stand alone devices providing containment of almost all biological hazards and can also be connected to external exhaust systems for use with volatile toxic chemicals. 

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While most applications are well addressed with the standard Class II BSCs, some guidelines or regulatory requirements may specify some common variants on the most popular design.