Herasafe 2030i Biological Safety Cabinet

The Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2030i Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is designed to maximize sample protection and user safety, with an emphasis on containment, comfort and convenience, all day, every day. It leverages a legacy of global leadership in biological safety cabinet design with breakthrough innovations to optimize contamination prevention, user convenience and information management, offering our most technologically advanced Class II cabinets available.

smart protection

Smart protection

Autonomous safety features maintain proper air flow and monitor critical conditions in real time without user interaction. 

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operations and ergonomics

Easy operation and ergonomics

Readily understandable graphical display provides the information you need, while the electronic sash with fully hinged opening enables easy access.

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Smart protection

Biological safety cabinets precisely control the airflow of the work area and are essential in protecting your samples and for the safety of lab personnel. The development of new technologies ensures safety 24/7.

SmartFlow Plus and DAVe Plus Technologies

Proprietary design automatically compensates unique energy saving dual DC blower motors to help ensure the proper airflow rates no matter the loading condition of the protective HEPA filters. Unlike typical BSC’s which rarely perform at the same levels day after day due to HEPA loading, and potential disruptions to airflow such as paper covering vent openings. Our unique digital airflow verification system (DAVe) validates protection by monitoring airflow velocities with independent pressure sensors which detect and alert to any changes across the exhaust and downflow plenums.


SmartClean Plus Technology and stainless steel surface

Fully opening front-hinged window design enables easy cleaning and disinfection with full access to the interior cabinet space. Full opening also allows access to the biological safety cabinet for thorough cleaning and visible reach to all cabinet surfaces including rear wall. 

The 316L stainless steel surface provides a "brushed and sanded" finish that offers resistance to scratches and chemical attack and is easy to clean.


Self-adjusting germicidal UV light intensity

For those who routinely employ UV germicidal light to their work surface at the end of the work day, we provide a time adjustable functionality to auto shut off the light at the desired interval to preserve bulb life. Our exclusive self-adjusting exposure capability enables reproducible germicidal effectiveness with every use, by helping to ensure performance at consistent levels to protect your important work.


Explore the Herasafe 2030i Class 2/2A Biological Safety Cabinet

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2030i BSC

Equipped with "smart" self monitoring safety features, intuitive graphic touchscreen and built in connectivity to preserve important performance data. The Herasafe 2030i is ideally suited to demanding cell culture applications and other sensitive work requiring assured safety and protection.

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Ease-of-use and ergonomics

Biological safety cabinets are similar to workstations and users require a comfortable working environment when doing their sample preparation steps, including a simple user interface, a bright working area and comfortable arm position.

Electronic front sash

With push-button simplicity the front window automatically opens to the correct aperture mandated by regional regulation to help ensure proper working conditions. The sloped front window allows a fatigue-free working position and has an aerosol-tight seal when closed.


Touchscreen interface

Our advanced yet simple to operate, graphic user interface is customer tested to provide easy navigation and convenient illustration of airflow safety and usage data to address any lingering user concerns about the cabinet functioning properly to protect them and their valuable samples. Performance details such as user interaction logs, errors and event logs are easily identified to drive continuous process improvement and reproducibility of results.


Ergonomical armrests

Adjustable ergonomic armrests are provided with each unit, assuring proper arm support, helping to reduce strain during prolonged work periods. Fully autoclavable padded versions are also available as an option.


Interior LED lights and side windows

Visibility within the cabinet is enhanced with the use of bright, energy efficient lighting, reducing the potential for fatigue often experienced with use of standard fluorescent lighting.


Connectivity and information management*


Additionally to the standard USB data output the Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2030i Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) have embedded capability to provide cloud-based connectivity. This enables customers to check the BSC status in real time and be alerted to important issues via alarms and alerts. Maintenance requirements are also visible, plus the ability to interrogate the events log.

The BSC is a device with heavy user interaction (almost a work bench). The user can see alarms/alerts first hand via the touchscreen interface and respond as appropriate. The remote app* adds a further dimension of visibility for lab managers and facility managers who can analyze historical data, manage service requirements and measure product utilization.

* Availability of connectivity-enabled models depends on region. Please contact your Thermo Fisher Scientific sales representative to learn more. Thermo Fisher Connect cloud services are currently available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. 

Reasons to connect

Check BSC status remotely

Analyze usage data

Receive reminders


BSC Connectivity Flyer

This flyer explains the different functionalities available with the Thermo Fisher Connect app available for Herasafe and Maxisafe 2030i BSCs. Read about where to find instrument information, energy consumption, the events log and more.

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5 steps to connect

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
Create a Thermo Fisher Connect accountDownload the Instrument Connect app, if desiredAdd the BSC to your Wi-Fi networkRegister your BSC on Connect accountStart monitoring

On-Demand Webinar:

“How connected biological safety cabinets can support your lab - best practices today and future trends."

This webinar covers three reasons to connect your biological safety cabinet and current as well as future capabilities of cloud-based connectivity in BSCs.

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BSC Webinar

CTS Series


Biological safety cabinets for 
GMP environments


Herasafe 2030i Biological Safety Cabinets CTS (Cell Therapy Systems) Series consist of the equipment, a documentation package and compliance services. These packages support your GMP needs for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. They help you get up and running faster, stay compliant, support regulatory audits, and stay on schedule.

bsc product

Product details

Ideal for demanding applications that require safe handling of products and protection of personnel and the environment.

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bsc documentation

Documentation package

This product is manufactured within an ISO 13485 environment and is provided with comprehensive FAT documentation to facilitate timely validation.

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compliance services

Compliance services

On-site qualification service options include Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ).

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Product and documentation package
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Compliance services*Catalog Number
North America (NSF-49)
EMEA (EN12469)
*Please check availability of compliance services with your local Thermo Fisher Scientific sales representative.


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