Clean benches are filtered work stations with uniform airflow that provide product protection. Typical applications include aseptic processing, micro electronics, media preparation and other applications where the work must be protected from contamination but there are no hazards to the user or environment requiring containment.

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Key features for your demanding applicatons


Heraguard ECO Clean Bench

DescriptionProduct protection, comfort and performance for demanding application
Protection→ SmartFlow
→ UV with saved cycle times
Ergonomics→ Available windscreen
→ SmartPort convenience panels
Design→ Unidirectional filtered horizontal flow
→ Stainless steel (type 304) or Melamine work surface
→ Front side replaceable HEPA
Efficiency→ DC intelligent motor
→ Fluorescent lights
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Counterbalanced Manual Window
Counterbalanced Manual Window

Select the Heraguard ECO that fits you

The Thermo Scientific Heraguard ECO is a horizontal flow clean bench. These cabinets provide product protection from particulate contamination in the environment through the use of HEPA filtered unidirectional airflow. 

These cabinets are differentiated by:
  •  All filtered air flows horizontally across the work surface towards the user
  • SmarFlow compensation to maintain airflow velocity as the filter and prefilter load
  • Digital Airflow Verification to monitor airflow for signification variances
  • Energy efficient DC motors
Size/Width0.9m (3-ft)1.2m (4-ft)1.5m (5-ft)1.8m (6-ft)1.8m (6-ft)
9.5cm interior height
Exterior dimensions (W x H x D)
inches39.4 x 46.1 x 31.951.2 x 46.1 x 31.963.0 x 46.1 x 31.974.8 x 46.1 x 31.974.8 x 58.1 x 39.8
mm1000 x 1170 x 8101300 x 1170 x 8101600 x 1170 x 8101900 x 1170 x 8101900 x 1475 x 1010
Interior dimensions (W x H x D)
inches36.2 x 25.4 x 23.048.0 x 25.4 x 23.059.8 x 25.4 x 23.071.6 x 25.4 x 23.071.6 x 37.4 x 30.9
mm920 x 645 x 5851220 x 645 x 5851520 x 645 x 5851820 x 645 x 5851820 x 950 x 785
Shipping dimensions (W x H x D)
in44.5 x 52.0 x 38.656.3 x 52.0 x 38.668.1 x 52.0 x 38.679.9 x 52.0 x 38.679.9 x 63.8 x 46.5
mm1130 x 1320 x 9801430 x 1320 x 9801730 x 1320 x 9802030 x 1320 x 9802030 x 1620 x 1180
Net weight110kg
(245 lbs)
(275 lbs)
(310 lbs)
(355 lbs)
(375 lbs)
Shipping weight1135kg
(300 lbs)
(330 lbs)
(400 lbs)
(440 lbs)
(485 lbs)
Electrical Data
Voltage120V or 230V
Filter specification99.995% @ MPPS
Sound pressure level (db(A))< 55< 60
Lighting power> 1000 lx (93 fc)
Max. load capacity of work surface30kg (66 lbs)
Work surfaceWhite melamine standard; stainless steel optional
Receptacles2 for 120V, 3 for 230V
Service ValvesUp to 2 total (1 on each side wall)
Air velocity 0.45m/s +/- 20%
(89fpm +/- 20%)
0.40m/s +/--20%
(79fpm +/- 20%)
Standby air velocity 0.23m/s +/- 20%
(45fpm +/- 20%)
Energy Consumption (W)270270550550550
Heat output (BTU/hr)920920184018401840
Supply air volume (m3/h)960 cmh(
565 cfm)
1275 cmh
(750 cfm)
1590 cmh
(935 cfm)
1900 cmh
(1120 cfm)
2490 cmh
(465 cfm)
Request a quote230V5102970151029702510297035102970451029705

1 Export packaging dimensions and weight upon request
2 Clean filters, fans operating at nominal set point, interior lighting activated

Key features to help you achieve your next discovery

Based on over 40 years of engineering and design breakthroughs, our expertise is represented in key features that span our portfolio. Together these enhancements provide valuable contamination control technologies, and advanced design for highly critical applications, plus simplicity which allows you to spend more time pursuing your goals.

Thermo Scientific BSCs use separate downflow and exhaust fans. SmartFlow compensation maintains inflow and the overall balance of inflow and downflow through real-time adjustment of the exhaust fan for constant flow and comparable adjustment to downflow. Thermo Scientific 2030i has SmartFlow Plus with fully implemented independent compensation to maintain constant inflow and constant downflow. 

Thermo Scientific provides  a number of different options for UV disinfection. Our traditional approach with UV positioned above the window provides an even disinfection inside the work area. Our patented Crossbeam UV feature that ensures optimal coverage and reduces shadows on the work surface. And our new UV compensation feature, when selected, increases the selected UV disinfection cycle time to compensate for bulb life and assure the desired germicidal energy is delivered automatically. All of our UV options are available with programmable timers.

All Thermo Scientific BSCs provide visual and audible alarms to warn of improper window position and unacceptable variation in airflow. Thermo Scientific 2030i has a unique interface that graphically depicts the alarm condition, text that advises of the specific concern and selectable audible tone to allow easy differentiation between window position and airflow problems.

Thermo Scientific  offers BSC users a choice of window/sash types between a counterbalanced "manual" sash type window or our electric sash type window for better ergonomics. In addition, the electric sash on the Herasafe 2030i has an available auto-start/stop. In Stand-by or Off, the AutoStart key is displayed and will raise the window to operating position and energize the fans, LED lights and/or internal receptacles as configured with one button. In Operation, the AutoStop key is displayed and will close the window, de-energize the fans/ LED lights/ internal receptacles and initiate UV disinfection cycle as configured by pressing one button.

hermo Scientific BSCs allow a choice of internal surfaces including more economical partially coated interiors, type 304 stainless steel or type 316 stainless steel for greater chemical resistance. Our BSCs offer either double sided walls with negatively pressurized interstitial space for enhanced structural containment or transparent side panels for improved ergonomics. Work surfaces within the cabinet can be flat for easy cleaning or indented for containment of larger spills onto the work surface.

Thermo Scientific BSCs use separate downflow and exhaust fans with DC electric motors. This combination of energy efficient DC motors with the fan based balance greatly reduces energy consumption compared to to traditional AC motor units with mechanical balancing dampers. 

Thermo Scientific BSCs allow a choice of traditional fluorescent lights for cabinet illumination or more energy efficient and sustainable LED lighting.

Thermo Scientific BSCs are equipped with an automated standby mode which reduces flow when the sash/window is closed, maintaining a sterile and contained working environment, while saving energy and extending filter life.