Fine tune your BSC for productivity and comfort in your lab with made-to-fit accessories

A wide variety of options and accessories make it easy to perfect your Thermo Scientific Biological Safety Cabinet for any work style, application or lab setting. Our accessories are designed and manufactured with the same attention to detail and quality standards that define our BSCs, so you know they will be more than just compatible, they will truly enhance your equipment and workflow.

OPC UA Gateway

Connectivity with an OPC UA gateway accessory

The OPC UA gateway for Biological Safety Cabinets utilizes the OPC UA interoperability communication protocol to enable a secure and reliable exchange of real-time data between Distributed Control Systems (DCS).


The accessory is compatible with the models: Herasafe 2030i BSC, Maxisafe 2030i BSC, Herasafe 2025 BSC, MSC-Advantage BSC, 1300 A2 BSC, and 1500 BSC. 


Ergonomic enhancements

Choice of fixed height, mechanically adjustable and electric stands

Working in comfort and with a healthy posture enhances your safety and makes your work easier. We’ve designed all of our BSCs with that in mind and offer extra options and accessories to enhance that aspect even further. We recommend ordering a base stand to ensure a robust and stable installation of the BSC, while enabling you to achieve the optimum height for comfort and safety. Choose between a fixed height, manually adjustable, or electrically adjustable height stand. Then choose an ergonomically designed stool, foot rest and arm rest components that are just right for you and the way you work.


Complete a comfortable and healthy workspace

Ergonomically designed stools, foot rests and armrests help to make using your BSC a welcome task in the lab.


Work surfaces

Standard cabinets include either stainless steel segmented worktrays or stainless steel, single-piece, indented worktrays required for certification to standards in different regions.  But many choices are available for customization to your tasks and applications.  Choose from a variety of worksurface options including flat, lowered, vibration dampening and specialty materials.

Workspace convenience

Our standard BSCs feature a dual-side wall negative pressure design which allows for the installation of service valves, SmartPorts for passthrough tubing, and a variety of internal receptacle placement options. We also offer factory-installed piping options on our premium units to connect utilities to the top of the BSC to conserve right to left exterior footprint. 

In addition to these fixed accessories, we offer unique customer installed accessories to help organize your workspace and free up valuable space inside and around the BSC. Choose from a selection of valves, hooks and baskets that enable better productivity and facilitate your particular work processes.

Hanging bars, hooks, clips, baskets and more

Configure your BSC workspace for maximum efficiency and convenience with specially designed accessories perfectly suited to your needs.  Our BSC specialists are ready to help you make your accessory and options choices.

Filters and exhaust kits

Additional exhaust HEPA filters (AEF), carbon filters for microbiological applications and replacement filters are available for your BSC, depending on your requirements. AEF filters can be fitted to the top of the BSC to provide 99.99999975% cumulative exhaust filtration.  Please note that AEF filters are not a requirement for recirculating BSC’s, even in the UK, where BS5726 has been superseded by EN12469, since 2000.

HEPA filters do a great job of trapping particles and biohazards, but they do not trap gases and toxic chemicals that may be used as an adjunct to microbiological studies. In these applications, it is important to select an exhaust duct transition to route exhaust air out of the laboratory to the external environment. We offer two different connections that can be installed in three different ways, depending upon facility requirements.