1500 Series A2 BSC


Available in select Asian countries


The Thermo Scientific 1500 Series Biological Safety Cabinet combines safety, energy efficiency and user convenience for today’s modern laboratory. The cabinet offers a high level of personal and product protection from biological hazards and contamination, while being easy to use and including our most advanced airflow technologies and energy efficiencies.

Safety, comfort and efficiency

Touchscreen display

7 inch touchscreen display provides at-a-glance system health, operational status and performance data. 

SmartPort convenience

Clean and convenient pass-through tubing and wiring at sidewall to accommodate many application needs.

Smart Flow Plus protection

Autonomous safety features maintain proper air flow and monitor critical conditions in real time without user interaction.


  1. Touchscreen convenience - 7” touch screen graphical user interface clearly shows the health status of the cabinet and provides safety and performance data.

  2. Safe operation - Convenient touchscreen display shows cabinet status at all times and displays system health and performance data.

  3. Tactile window mechanism - Proprietary window positioning mechanism to secure the window at the correct working position with utmost flexibility.

  4. Energy efficiency - When front sash is closed, blower speed is automatically reduced, offering sample protection at reduced energy consumption even when the cabinet is not in use.

  5. Contamination control - Programmable UV light reduces risk of sample contamination and lowers bulb replacement costs. Also allows timed preset to run sterilization cycle prior to working.

  6. Ease-of-cleaning - Proprietary Thermo Scientific SmartClean front window design improves user access to the work area and enables cleaning of hard to reach areas.

  7. Operator comfort - Clean and safe routing for vacuum tubing and cables via SmartPort access through the double side walls for improved organization and work efficiency, with LED lighting inside the cabinet for a bright workspace.

  8. Castor stand option - For improved mobility, we offer the fixed height stand with castors.


All applications requiring high-level protection and enhanced user comfort with touchscreen.


Typical markets: Academia, Clinical, Biotech and Pharma.


Typical applications: cell culture, pharmaceutical, clinical and microbiological work where the protection of the user, the sample and the environment is required.



3D virtual tour of 1500 Series A2 BSC

360-degree, spin, zoom, rotate, discover and interact with our virtual 1500 Series A2 biological safety cabinet.



Ordering information

Available in: China Mainland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam), and India


Cabinet width

Chamber material choices

Ordering details

4 ft

Stainless steel

SmartCoat version


Stainless steel

SmartCoat version

6 ft

Stainless steel



SmartCoat and stainless steel versions