1500 Series B2 BSC

The 1500 Series B2 Biological Safety Cabinet is designed for applications using gases and volatile chemicals that require higher volumes of exhaust and no recirculation of air inside the cabinet. The system combines the efficiency of state-of-the-art DC motors, an advanced airflow system that maximizes operator safety and comfort.

Safety, comfort and efficiency

External exhaust method

No recirculation inside the work chamber – air from the external environment is filtered and pushed into the work area as downflow air.


Comfortably operate the BSC with a counterbalanced manual window and easy-to-reach LCD information display and touch pad controls.

Easy cleaning

UV with saved cycle times (as option) and robust stainless steel interior, type 304, helps with contamination control.


1 Enhanced user protection

Auto compensation feature allows the safe use of optional downflow air prefilters. Automatic adjustment of downflow velocity during HEPA filter loading provides added product protection.


2 Safe operation

Convenient display lets you see the cabinet is operating safely while you are working.


3 Ease-of-cleaning

Single-piece stainless steel work tray minimizes loss of pipette tips and spills into the drain pan.


4 Contamination control

Timed UV light option reduces risk of sample contamination and lowers bulb replacement costs.


5 Operator comfort

10° sloped window for ergonomic posture reduces strain and fatigue associated with long working hours.

B2 airflow – how it works

Room air is drawn through top of cabinet. The air is HEPA filtered before flowing down through the work area. Room air is also drawn into the inlet grille. All of the contaminated air is drawn under the work surface, then up the rear plenum and through the exhaust HEPA filter. A dedicated remote blower and exhaust system draw 100% of filtered exhaust air out of the lab.


Compared to an A2 cabinet, the B2 BSC may provide additional protection for the user when working with vapors and gases where aseptic conditions are required. The B2 provides greater dilution of any volatile chemicals within the BSC work area and eliminates even the diluted recirculation of volatile chemicals being used in the BSC. 


The thimble connected A2 and B2 BSCs meets the recommendations in USP <800> for the preparation of sterile hazardous and non-hazardous drugs in Class II biological safety cabinets. USP <800> states B2 BSCs are typically reserved for use with volatile components.



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