Herasafe 2025 BSC


The Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2025 Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is designed to maximise sample protection and user safety, with an emphasis on containment, comfort and convenience, all day, every day.


By combining autonomous safety features, an intuitive interface, convenient options for easy cleaning and disinfection, as well as ergonomic advancements, the Herasafe 2025 BSC lets you work to the highest standards and is suitable for most laboratories in Academia, Biotech and Pharma. The product is available in all standard sizes: 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m with a range of options and customisation possibilities.

Smart protection

Thermo Scientific SmartFlow Plus and DAVe Plus technologies help ensure continuous protection—for both the samples and the user—from contamination by compensating to match the way you work and your lab environment.

Ease-of-use and ergonomics

Adjustable ergonomic armrests and optional autoclavable padded versions reduce strain during prolonged work periods. Fully motorized sash opening and easy-to-use interface with universally-recognised icons provide comfort and convenience.

Smart cleaning and disinfection

SmartClean Plus technology allows the fully hinged opening of the electronic front sash providing easy access for comfortable cleaning.

Optional UV cross-beam functionality allows programmable UV disinfection.


  1. Simplified operation and ergonomics – A readily understandable graphical display provides the information you need, while the electronic sash with fully hinged opening enables easy access for supplies and equipment, as well as effortless cleaning and disinfection.

  2. SmartClean Plus technology – Easily access the interior of the BSC through lifting of the entire front sash panel.

  3. Customisable worktops – Choose from work surface designs that best suit your application and work style. Standard equipment includes 2 or 4 duplex receptacles and 2 service valves.

  4. Dual DC motors – Powering the SmartFlow Plus airflow compensation system while delivering better energy efficiency and quieter operation.  Standby mode furthers energy savings and system longevity.

  5. Glass side walls and LED lighting – Enjoy a brighter workspace environment with better visibility.

  6. Large interior workspace/premium 304 non-corrosive stainless steel – Conveniently large interior workspace provides ample room for incorporation of instruments and process optimisation devices including robotic arms. Utilises a “brushed and sanded” finish to provide maximum scratch resistance and non-reflective properties.


Typical markets: Academia, Clinical, Industrial (e.g. cosmetics), Biotech and Pharma.


Typical applications: cell culture, pharmaceutical, clinical and microbiological work where the protection of the user, the sample and the environment is required.


TÜV Nord certification

TÜV GS certified according to EN 12469

LNE NF mark

NF certified by LNE to EN 12469 and NF095 (1.2m)

3D virtual tour of Herasafe 2025 BSC

360-degree, spin, zoom, rotate, discover and interact with our virtual Herasafe 2025 BSC.


Ordering information

Cabinet width

Chamber material

Cross Beam UV

See ordering details (with UV/without UV)*

0.9 m

304 Stainless Steel Y/N 51033315 / 51033311
1.2 m 304 Stainless Steel Y/N 51033316 / 51033312
1.5 m 304 Stainless Steel Y/N 51033317 / 51033313
1.8 m 304 Stainless Steel Y/N 51033318 / 51033314

* More options are available, please contact your Thermo Fisher Scientific Sales Representative.