Maxisafe 2030i Cytotoxic BSC

Thermo Scientific Maxisafe 2030i Biological Safety Cabinets deliver excellence in protection and user safety with containment measures appropriate for work with cytotoxic materials. In addition to outstanding safety, the Maxisafe 2030i BSC includes the most advanced features and innovative technology available. 


High level safety loaded with exceptional features

Triple filter design

100,000x better filtration efficiency than regular class II biological safety cabinets. 

Touchscreen control and connectivity

Digital Airflow Verification (DAVe) alerts, system self-checks and performance status are provided on the full-color touchscreen. With enabled connectivity (available in select countries) the remote app provides all data you need. 

Motorized front window and SmartClean Plus design

Entire front sash is motorized to either open automatically to the right aperture or to completely lift up, allowing for easy access to interior of BSC. Routine maintenance, cleaning and set up tasks are simplified.


1 Touchscreen and connectivity* – Built-in Wifi system is ready for cloud-based capabilities like remote equipment monitoring, secure data storage, collaboration tools and more.

2 Smart Ports - Easily pass tubing and wiring through sidewall to accommodate many applications needs

3 Customizable worktops – Choose from work surface designs that best suit your application and work style.  Standard equipment includes 2 or 4 duplex receptacles and 2 service valves.

4 Dual DC motors – Powering the SmartFlow Plus airflow compensation system while delivering better energy efficiency and quieter operation. Night setback mode furthers energy savings and system longevity.

5 Glass side walls and LED lighting – Enjoy a brighter workspace environment with better visibility.

6 SmartClean Plus – Easily access the interior of the BSC with a motorized lifting of the entire front sash panel.

Triple filter cabinet

100,000x better filtration efficiency than regular class II biological safety cabinets with the use of a unique triple filter design provides a minimum ISO Class 5 air quality in the work area.


The Maxisafe 2030i biosafety cabinets have embedded capability to provide cloud-based connectivity*. This enables customers to check the BSC status in real time and be alerted to important issues via alarms and alerts.


Reasons to connect

Check BSC status remotely

Analyze usage data

Receive reminders

Connectivity flyer

This flyer explains the different functionalities available with the Thermo Fisher Connect app available for Herasafe and Maxisafe 2030i BSCs. Read about where to find instrument information, energy consumption, the events log and more.

On-demand webinar

“How connected biological safety cabinets can support your lab - best practices today and future trends."

This webinar covers three reasons to connect your biological safety cabinet and current as well as future capabilities of cloud-based connectivity in BSCs.

* Availability of connectivity-enabled models depends on region. Please contact your Thermo Fisher Scientific sales representative to learn more. Thermo Fisher Connect cloud services are currently available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. 


Cytostatic safety cabinets are often selected for applications for work with hazardous drugs, CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) substances including preparation of hazardous drugs in healthcare compounding pharmacies and facilities complying with USP, or other specialized procedures, particularly in Europe.


  • Meets the requirements of a safety cabinet for cytotoxic substances and other CMR drugs under DIN 12980 and EN 12469, the European standard for design, construction and performance of Class II biosafety cabinets
  • DIN 12980, the German Standard for cytostatic safety cabinets and isolators, is frequently recommended and required in Europe and is the major standard directly addressing safety cabinets for work with cytotoxic substances and other CMR drugs


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Maxisafe 2030i


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Maxisafe 2030i


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Maxisafe 2030i


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Maxisafe 2030i


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