Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubator

Enhanced temperature stability

Thermo Scientific water jacketed CO2 incubators deliver dependable thermal protection from swings in ambient temperature and power variations. This traditional CO2 incubator is the benchmark for reliability and uniformity.

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Unique triple wall construction provides outstanding temperature stability supplied by dual layers of water and high-quality insulation.

 Series 2 Water JacketedSeries 3 Water Jacketed
 Forma series 2 co2 incubatorForma series 3 co2 incubator
DescriptionProven benchmark for reliabilitySmart simplicity added to proven reliability
Capacity184L (6.5 cu. ft.)184L (6.5 cu. ft.)
Chamber typeWater jacketedWater jacketed
Door swing Left hinged Left hinged
Choose interior configurationStainless steel ›Stainless steel ›
HEPA filtrationISO Class 5 in 5 min.ISO Class 5 in 5 min.
Airflow designFan assistedFan assisted
CO2 sensorsTC or IRTC or IR
O2 controlOptional 1–21%
Optional 1–21%
HumidityRemovable water panRemovable water pan
User interfaceEnviro-ScaniCAN touchscreen
Removable water pan

Key features to help you achieve your next discovery

Based on 60 years of engineering and design breakthroughs, our expertise is represented in key features that span our portfolio. Together these enhancements provide optimal cell growth, valuable contamination control technologies, and advanced design for highly critical applications, plus simplicity which allows you to spend more time pursuing your goals.

Thermo Scientific CO2 incubators feature fan-assisted airflow circulation for fast recovery and tight uniformity. Our airflow patterns are specifically designed for homogeneous distribution of critical environmental conditions (temperature, gas exchange and humidity). The in-chamber fan gently distributes the conditioned, humidified air throughout the chamber, ensuring all cells—regardless of location—experience the same conditions without risk of desiccation.1

THRIVE active airflow
  • Temperature uniformity specifications are validated according to the DIN 12880 standard, which requires 27 individual measurements at specific locations in the chamber.
  • Sensors and probes are positioned directly in the incubator chamber to ensure they measure the exact environment experienced by your cells.
  • A secondary temperature probe acts as an alarm to the primary sensor, providing peace of mind for you and extra security for your cells.

See THRIVE active airflow in action

Thermo Scientific THRIVE active airflow, included on our Heracell VIOS 160i and 250i and Forma Steri-Cycle i160 and i250 CO2 incubators, provides total recovery of critical growth parameters in 10 minutes or less following a 30-second door opening.1

  • The variable-speed fan precisely controls the airflow to provide leading-edge recovery.
  • The air stream first travels over the direct-heated covered, integrated water reservoir, which results in 50% faster humidity recovery than a standard water pan design.
  • The in-line HEPA filter cleans the airstream of all sizes of particles and microorganisms, protecting cultures from contamination.
  • The air then passes over the in-chamber sensors, which react and condition the air before gently circulating it among the cultures.

1 Based on internal standards for 30-second door opening, recovery calculated to 98% of starting value for temperature and CO2 , and 95% of starting value of humidity.

Because the goal is to mimic in vivo conditions, all incubator sensors are positioned directly in the incubation chamber to ensure they measure the exact environment experienced by your cells. This design requires more robust sensor construction but means the sensors are designed to react immediately to correct temperature and atmosphere variations as they occur. We offer two different CO2 sensor technologies.

Thermal conductivity (TC) CO2 sensor

  • Our most commonly requested CO2 sensor due to its reliability and longevity of operation
  • Measures electrical resistance according to thermal conductivity of gas passing over the sensor
  • Low maintenance, stable, and long life because it has no consuming element such as an incandescent bulb
  • High temperature resistance—does not need to be removed during sterilization cycles
  • NEW TC180 CO2 sensor incorporates humidity compensation for enhanced stability and recovery (available in the Heracell VIOS and Forma Steri-Cycle CO2 incubators)

Infrared (IR) CO2 sensor

  • Ideal for sensitive applications and remote monitoring or when frequent access to incubator is required
  • Determines the CO2 concentration based on its IR light absorption at the characteristic wavelength of 4.3 µm
  • Operates independent of humidity and temperature
  • NEW IR180Si replaces the traditional incandescent IR light source with silicone MEMS emitter technology for improved stability and service life (available in the Heracell VIOS and Forma Steri-Cycle CO2 incubators)

Added culturing flexibility with variable oxygen control (tri-gas)
Increase biological relevance by simulating physiological conditions, resulting in cell behaviors that are more predictive of an in vivo environment.

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A selection of humidity reservoir designs are available to enhance performance and workflows. Our unique integrated solutions are directly heated to facilitate high relative humidity (rH) levels and faster recovery. An external humidity reservoir simplifies maintenance by allowing water refill without disrupting culturing. Full active rH parameter control is ideal for applications requiring flexibility and precise monitoring of humidity levels.

 Water panIntegrated water reservoirCovered integrated water reservoirExternal humidity reservoir
DescriptionTraditional removable humidity panLarge directly heated panless reservoir provides high rH levels and fast recoveryProtected, directly heated integrated water pan provides high rH levels with leading recovery and easy filling and drainingActive humidity control with an external reservoir for easy replenishment of water
Volume3L3L (4.5L for large capacity models)3L3L
Water level monitoring Yes, low level alarmYes, visual monitoring and low level alarmYes, visual monitoring and low level alarm
Popular modelsForma Direct Heat and Steri-Cycle; Forma Series 2 and Series 3 Water Jacketed; Midi 40

Heracell 150i and 240i

Heracell VIOS 160i and 250i; Forma Steri-cycle i160 and i250

Forma Steri-cult; BBD 6220

iCAN touchscreen interface

The intelligent Thermo Scientific iCAN touchscreen interface is designed to simplify your interactions with the CO2 incubator. The bright LED screen provides at-a-glance monitoring even from across the lab. Enjoy complete data visibility and performance trend graphing, in multiple languages. Store data and usage logs onboard or download.

heracell vios co2 incubator
  • Door mounted position for easy access
  • Configurable settings and options
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • On-screen menu prompts
  • Error and usage logs
  • Data logging and performance trend graphing
  • Multiple language selection

Enviro-Scan interface

iCAN touchscreen

The Thermo Scientific Enviro-Scan LED membrane display lets you easily monitor temperature, CO2, and rH (optional) operating parameters via the bright display. The alphanumeric message center provides process and alarm status.

  • Configurable settings and options
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • On-screen menu prompts

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