Accessories to extend the functionality of your system and the efficiency of your workflow.

From sample management and organization aids to supplies and wireless monitoring, we offer a range of products designed to work with your system and precisely support your application. Select from accessories to enhance efficiency and processes. 

Canisters, racks, frames, holders and dividers

Maximize storage capacity of your system and optimize your sample tracking with racks, frames, holders and dividers engineered to work with your system. A wide variety of configurations supports both vapor phase and liquid phase cryopreservation of vials or blood bags using racks and canisters, boxes, canes or straws. This versatility of storage configuration and layout makes it easy to scale your storage operation while maintaining good sample organization and fast location of samples. 

Browse storage configuration accessories for your system:

Liquid nitrogen supply and transfer tanks

Store, transport and dispense cryogenic industrial gases with Thermo Scientific LN2 Supply tanks and transfer tanks which are designed to be both durable and user friendly.

LN2 Supply Tanks

Large volume supply tanks available in 50L to 230L.  Rated at 22psi (151.7kPa) 


Transfer Vessels

Store and dispense small amounts of liquid nitrogen with our economical and durable Thermo Scientific Thermo Series Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels. Includes six models with capacities from 5L to 32L.

Wireless monitoring systems

Thermo Scientific wireless monitoring solutions provide state-of-the-art safeguarding and data logging of critical equipment parameters. Smart Vue Pro and Smart Tracker systems are available options with select cryogenic preservation systems.

Bag presses

Prepare samples in blood bags with controlled-rate freezing applications using a controlled-rate freezer and these Thermo Scientific CryoMed Bag Freezing Presses. 

Everything you need to protect, organize and track your samples.

Sample storage at cryogenic and ultra-low temperatures provides security for biological specimens and derivatives of those specimens, genomic material, and compounds over extended periods of time. Thermo Scientific offers a deep portfolio of storage containers and consumables designed to ensure the long-term protection, identification and security of your samples.