Reliable cryopreservation with modular flexibility and advanced features

Thermo Scientific Cryopreservation Systems provide a comprehensive solution from sample preparation to storage and transportation.  Advanced system components combined with the proven simplicity and reliability of LN2 deliver ideal products to protect your valuable samples.

LN2 based

Our liquid nitrogen-based systems give you the advantage of extended hold times and temperature stability even in challenging lab conditions. LN2 based systems are very efficient, consuming little electrical power without using halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerants, thereby helping to alleviate greenhouse gas concerns. Our cryopreservation systems provide exceptional performance while simultaneously delivering many “green” benefits and cost savings to your lab.

Comprehensive preservation

Thermo Scientific Cryopreservation Systems comprise a full range of LN2 equipment to enable a complete and reliable sample cryopreservation process. Our sample preparation freezers accurately and safely bring your samples down to cryogenic and ultra-low (-80°C) temperature requirements to enhance long term sample viability. A range of manual- and auto-fill LN2 storage devices are available to best support your sample types, storage container preferences and lab processes. Cryogenic compatible shipping and transportation containers complete the equipment offering. Combined, the system delivers precise, reliable, safe and accurate sample protection while meeting your lab’s unique requirements. 




Ensure end-to-end sample protection and preservation

Our sample preparation freezers, storage and transportation systems are designed to work together to make your process easier and optimize the safety and security of your samples. Compatibility with our complete portfolio of cryopreservation tools, accessories and cryostorage management products extends performance and ease of use.

Temperature stability

Thermo Scientific cold storage products are engineered to maximize protection and safety of your samples.  Sample preparation freezers are specialized to precisely and quickly remove heat in a way that reduces the formation of ice crystals that can damage samples prior to storage.  Our cryopreservation storage equipment includes advanced insulation features and design innovations to ensure temperature uniformity throughout the storage unit.  Exceptional temperature stability is achieved, even under challenging daily use situations like prolonged door/lid openings and power outages.  Transportation vessels are built to such high temperature stability standards that they rival the effectiveness of longer-term storage equipment. 

Open lid test results for the Thermo Scientific CryoExtra High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage System

The lid open test is a measure of the ability of a unit to maintain temperature under an extreme lid opening event, as well as the ability to recover once the lid is re-applied. As the data shows, the CE8140 was able to maintain average temperatures for all probes at or below -150ºC over the 48 hour course of the test. Once the lid was re-applied, it took four hours for the CE8140 to reach an average temperature of -185ºC.

Sample security

The protection of your samples doesn’t end with the outstanding temperature control and reliability built into our systems.  Our cryopreservation systems employ various access control measures and locking mechanisms to ensure the physical security of your valuable stored materials. 

Alarms and remote monitoring systems provide additional peace of mind that your samples remain at proper cryopreservation temperatures.  Internal sensors support various monitoring devices that record and transmit data to your network or smart devices.

Versatile storage capacity

Our cryopreservation systems accommodate a variety of storage configurations supporting both vapor phase and liquid phase cryopreservation.  Our systems offer a wide range of storage capacities, whether you are storing vials or blood bags and using racks and canisters, boxes, canes or straws.

Vapor phase storage capacities

Liquid Phase Storage Capacities

Precision sample preparation

As an increasing field of interest in academic and pharmaceutical manufacturing, new scientific applications of cryobiology and cryopreservation must continue to provide reliable, traceable and reproducible results. Using a controlled rate freezer for this process helps guide biomaterial across vital freezing points rapidly with measured runs. This helps ensure more precision in cryopreservation, minimizing intracellular ice formations and enabling better post-thaw outcomes, for both the user and the for the biological samples themselves.