Purpose-built to support the demanding requirements of scientific and healthcare environments and the samples you work with

With more than 70 years of experience manufacturing cold storage equipment for scientific and healthcare facilities, our portfolio incorporates innovative refrigerator designs, advanced cooling technologies, microprocessor-controlled setpoints, alarms, and temperature monitoring and recording systems to deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency and usability. 


We understand the unique challenges facing labs, clinics, and pharmacies and the high value of the precious and often irreplaceable products they store. Explore our extensive selection of laboratory and medical-grade refrigerators and you’ll find features and configurations ideal for your requirements, and all with distinguished reliability and durability you expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Introducing the TSG Series

Designed from the ground up
to help protect your work.

Laboratory refrigerator capabilities

Energy efficient and sustainable

Our selection of lab refrigerators makes it easy to choose sustainability. We offer many models that are Energy Star Certified, ACT Labeled, built in our zero-waste-to-landfill facility, and are certified to support sustainability objectives around the world, like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP), the European Union’s F-Gas compliance, and others. 

Application specific performance

Our fit for purpose refrigerators are designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance according the precise needs of your application and requirements. Choose from refrigerators built specifically for the samples you store.

Advanced cooling technology

Innovations in compressor and other technology provide better temperature stability, energy savings and significantly longer operational life. Variable drive compressors with adaptive control and quick door opening recovery combined with patented heat pumps represent an enormous leap forward in cooling technology.

Remote monitoring and connectivity

Our cold storage equipment is designed first and foremost to protect your valuable samples and lab materials. By including connectivity features and remote monitoring capabilities, you gain added peace of mind that your refrigerator is operating within your specifications and sample integrity is assured 24/7.

Optimized storage configurations

Thoughtful features to support your specific application are prominent in our purpose-built approach to designing and medical lab refrigerators. For example, our blood and plasma refrigerators are equipped with self-closing doors with 90° stops to accommodate heavy inventory loads as well as many other features, allowing them to be certified to AABB's Standards-Compliant Product Program..

User friendly

Quiet operation, intuitive, easy to read controls, soft touch handles, well balanced doors and other ergonomic design features set our refrigerators apart, well beyond the usual performance measures. Thermo Scientific refrigerators are as easy to use as they are dependable for the busiest and most challenging lab environments.