Exceptional performance with features to precisely support your application.

Our portfolio of Thermo Scientific scientific and medical refrigerators provides reliable, secure storage for all of your lab and clinical materials with thoughtfully applied features and capabilities that support your specific application needs. From dependable daily, basic lab use to the exacting requirements of critical biological samples and pharmaceuticals, our refrigerators are precisely configured for the performance you need and reliability you can trust.

Proven dependability

Thermo Scientific lab refrigerators offer measurably dependable performance. Our refrigerators achieve consistently excellent performance on key metrics like temperature fluctuations in the cabinet over time (peak variability), the difference of those measurements across the cabinet (uniformity) and temperature variations in specific locations inside of the cabinet (stability). We test our refrigerators using sensors throughout the cabinet under rigorous, real-world testing environments so that you gain assurance that your samples are consistently, securely and dependably stored.

Figure illustrates temperature performance of a high-performance general purpose 30 cu. ft. refrigerator against the ANSI/NSF 456 Vaccine Storage Standard protocol at 5°C with recovery times of short and long door openings.

Fast door opening recovery

Frequent door openings or samples being added to a refrigerator create a substantial heat load burden and the cooling capacity to quickly recover is critical to performance. Fan-forced air circulation as well as large excess refrigeration cooling capacity promotes temperature uniformity and faster temperature recovery from out-of-range temperatures. This capability is especially important for busy labs and biological samples with a low tolerance for temperature fluctuations.

Leading Warranty

Thermo Fisher Scientific stands behind its lab refrigerators, offering comprehensive warranties for up to 10 years on our V-Drive compressors. Our refrigerators are built to last.

Quality construction

Every detail of our lab refrigerators is considered and designed with the highest quality materials to meet our exacting standards for cold storage performance and long-term durability. This includes scratch-resistant, heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel interior and exterior with smooth powder coat and epoxy finishes that resist physical and environmental wear. One-piece seamless polypropylene liner interiors or galveneel options make for interior wall strength and ease of cleaning. Closed-cell gaskets provides a positive door seal. These seemingly minor elements add up to finely crafted refrigerator that’s able to better meet quality, safety and regulatory standards in accordance with UL, CE, FDA, NFPA, AABB, NSF 456, DIN, and OSHA, as well as your demands for durability.

World class service and support

Thermo Scientific customers enjoy access to the largest network of lab equipment service professionals on the globe, with fast response times, remote service and problem resolution and a track record of service excellence over 50 years long. Dependable compliance and preventative maintenance programs are designed to make ownership truly carefree. If there ever is a problem with your refrigerator, you can be sure it will be resolved quickly, with minimal downtime.

Environmental sustainability

Our refrigerators are engineered for environmental sustainability without sacrificing performance.  We address sustainability through a focus on energy efficiency, advancements in cooling technology and the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques and construction materials.

ACT labeled

Thermo Scientific TSX refrigerators have completed the ACT Environmental Impact Factor labeling processes, which is designed to address the need of both scientists and procurement specialists for clear, third-party verified information about the environmental impact of laboratory products. The criteria for the ACT label were developed with input from industry experts and external stakeholders. The ACT label process entails third-party verification of the sustainable impacts of a product, its operations, and its end of life.  

Energy Star certified

Our Thermo Scientific environmentally friendly refrigerators are ENERGY STAR certified to reduce energy usage without compromising performance. For example, with advanced compressor and cooling systems, our full-size high-performance refrigerators consume as low as 4.6 kW-hr/day, a reduction of 32% compared to conventional high-performance refrigerators. Additionally, reduced heat output can provide further energy savings by reducing the HVAC load in your lab or clinical environment.  All TSX and TSG Series products are EPA ENERGY STAR® certified in the United States. 

SNAP compliant

Thermo Scientific TSX Series high-performance refrigerators are designed with features that support sustainability objectives in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP), the European Union’s F-Gas compliance, and other standards worldwide. These features include use of non-CFC and HFC-blend natural R290 environmentally friendly refrigerants, and high-density, 2 in. (5.1cm) thick water-blown CFC-free urethane foam insulation. You can be confident that your Thermo Scientific freezer is a greener choice while still getting the same high level of performance you've come to expect.

Innovative compressor technology  

The Variable Drive (V-Drive) compressor, available on TSX Series refrigerators, delivers a leap forward in performance and energy efficiency.  Where standard compressors operate in a binary, full-power or off cycle, the innovative V-Drive runs at variable speeds as required to achieve both optimal cooling capacity and energy efficiency.  Combined with an automated tuning control, the V-Drive compressors adjust cooling power to precisely meet the needs required by temperature conditions inside and outside of the unit.  The result is better temperature uniformity, longer life of the unit and exceptional energy efficiency.

Variable Speed Compressor technology and adaptive control quickly and efficiently brings temperature back to set point, even with many door opening events in a busy lab.

User friendly

Seemingly small details can make a big difference when you consider how often and how long you’ll be working with your refrigerator in healthcare settings and the lab. With more than 70 years of cold storage manufacturing experience and collaboration with our customers, we’ve implemented design and engineering features that set our equipment apart as highly-valued additions to your facility. 

Intuitive controls

Intuitive-to-operate, easy-to-access and easy-to-read user interfaces remove the guesswork and prevent operational mishaps.  The adaptive controller system utilize mutli-sensor detection to deliver precise temperature control to meet current and impending standards from the CDC, WHO, NSF, and other global agencies.

Whisper-quiet operation

Thermo Scientific TSX Series high-performance refrigerators offer a whisper-quiet operation to provide a quiet and comfortable work environment.  These models are up to 10x quieter than previous generations of refrigerators. Innovative V-Drive technology limits the sound output to as low as 35 dBA, comparable to a home refrigerator.

Ergonomic features

Our refrigerators are designed with the user in mind as well as the samples.  Vacuum relief ports permit easier door openings while magnetic door gaskets provide secure closings and self-closing doors with 90° stops assist with heavy inventory loads.  Our ergonomically designed, smooth full-length and reversible door handles feature a soft-touch grip.  Well-conceived shelving placement increases user efficiency and lessens physical strain, while eliminating the need for floor-level loading of racks. Bright LED interior lighting assists in easy sample access and identification.

Optimized, convenient storage design

Our portfolio of refrigerators are purpose-built for your application. That includes a well-thought-out interior design and a range of options for shelving and storage container configurations that are suited to the particular types of samples you store and how often they are accessed. These small details make a big difference in the usability of your refrigerator.

Worry-free sample protection

Factory pre-set and key-operated setpoint security locks in temperature and alarm setpoints to minimize error and prevent tampering. Alarm systems with built-in audible/visual warnings for over/under temperature, door ajar, or power failure alert personnel should out-of-range temperature levels occur. Alarm setting features include ringback, auto-reset, alarm silence, push-button test options, and remote alarm contacts to give you peace of mind. Door locks provide an additional level of security for your precious sample storage.

24/7 sample protection

Wireless monitoring solutions, included with TSX models and available with all of our cold storage products, deliver cold chain compliance and sample security through the network or cloud.  Check stored temperature readings anytime, anywhere with your smart phone, receive remote alarms and better manage not only your samples, but your fleet of equipment.

Exacting performance

Thoughtful configurations that support the demands of your sample type and application needs define our extensive portfolio of scientific and medical grade refrigerators. Our refrigerators are offered in three general product lines that deliver features and technology ranges according to your lab’s needs. 


TSX Series TSG Series

TSV Series

High-Performance refrigeration for temperature-sensitive, critical lab samples with the most advanced sample security, energy efficiency and application specificity. Precision refrigeration for busy environments needing critical and semi-critical sample storage, narrow temperature control parameters and excellent operational features.  Dependable, economical and simple to operate plug-and-play refrigeration for non-critical samples and routine lab needs.  Great performance within tight budget requirements. 

Temperature performance

Exceptional -

Within 2-8°C at factory setpoint

Precision -

Within 2-10°C at factory setpoint

Reliable -

Within 1-12°C at factory setpoint

Typical applications

Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, nucleic acids, high value reagents, enzymes, and blood products requiring a precisely controlled storage environment.



Cell culture media, electrophoresis buffers, antibody dilutions, reagents, chromatography, clinical testing kits, breast milk, medication. Confident sample storage for busy labs.

Daily cell culture media, staining solutions, membranes and basic biomedical application storage.

Application-specific configurations

Each of our product lines (TSX, TSG and TSV) include application-specific configurations that deliver key features and certifications precisely suited to the type of samples you’re working with. These models provide an exacting fit to your performance requirements.  

Refrigerator/freezer combinations

Our refrigerator/freezer combinations deliver simplicity and versatility in laboratory-grade cold storage. Designed for plug-and-play ease of use with laboratory grade durability.

Flammable materials and explosion-proof refrigerators

Thermo Scientific flammable materials and explosion-proof refrigerators are designed to meet your safety requirements for cold storage of volatiles and storage in hazardous environments. Our units deliver temperature performance, reliability and compliance needs, including those in NFPA and OSHA standards. These lab refrigerators are designed to be used in Class 1, Groups C and D, and Class 1, Zone 1, Group IIB areas where ignitable materials are normally present and a spark-free internal cabinet environment is required.

Chromatography refrigerators

Chromatography applications are well supported with unique features and advanced cooling technology of our chromatography refrigerators.  Designed to accommodate the additional cooling capacity, temperature uniformity and narrow temperature parameters required, these units also include advanced features to support your workflow.  Internal electrical outlets, full access to chromatography instrumentation inside the chamber, LED lighting, keyed door locks and adaptive defrost features are ideally suited to your work. 

Blood bank refrigerators

The storage of blood and blood products presents unique equipment challenges. Those challenges are met with our blood and plasma refrigerators.  Our high-performance equipment includes a 4°C factory setpoint with low variation and remarkable door opening recovery to maintain critical storage parameters. Adaptive cooling technology adjusts for user habits to achieve both outstanding temperature control and energy efficiency.  Our blood bank refrigerators are approved under the AABB Standards-Compliant Product (SCPP) program for the storage of plasma. Additionally, thoughtful features like storage configurations specifically suited for blood bags and heavy, liquid based loads and quiet, ergonomic operation make these unit ideally suited for your application.

Vaccine and pharmacy refrigerators

Many vaccines and pharmaceuticals require highly specific temperatures to remain effective. Any deviation from this can have a dramatic impact on a vaccine’s viability and efficacy.  Our high-performance, purpose-built vaccine refrigerators are designed to meet standards from the CDC, WHO, ANSI/NSF 456 and other global agencies for vaccine storage to maintain cold chain requirements and product quality.  Our high-performance pharmacy refrigerators feature adjustable basket drawers and glass doors for the easy identification and access of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemotherapeutics and other material requiring precision 2° to 8°C storage.

Standard laboratory refrigerators

Our laboratory-grade refrigerators offer key differences from refrigerators not designed for the challenges of the laboratory environment, including microprocessor-controlled setpoints, alarms, time and temperature-sensitive auto-defrost systems, temperature monitoring and recording, and electrical output signals. These basic differences are only the beginning.  Thermo Scientific laboratory refrigerators employ advanced cooling technologies and temperature uniformity, stability and recovery standards that are required for the demanding daily use in research, clinical, and industrial laboratories when storing products such as reagents, media, proteins, and other bio-medical samples.  Moreover, our line of laboratory-grade refrigerators delivers outstanding quality in reliability, durability, ergonomics and environmental sustainability.