When you need clinical-grade storage it's important to choose a refrigerator or freezer that is designed specifically for the demands that come with these kinds of environments. Whether it's a concern with temperature variation impacting sensitive materials, size, sound, energy use, Clean Room compliance, or all of the above and more, we have the storage solution for you and for the needs of your environment.

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Choose an upright medical refrigerator by application

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Chromatography Refrigerators

Pharmacy Refrigerators

Our high-performance blood bank refrigerators are designed to meet strict requirements established by the AABB for the storage of whole blood and blood components.TSX chromatography refrigerators provide our best temperature control, full access to chromatography insturmentation, and feature industry-leading safety features to ensure maximum protection.Our high-performance pharmacy refrigerators feature adjustable basket drawers and glass doors for easy identification and access to vaccines, pharmaceuticals and chemotherapeutics.
  • TSX V-drive technology offers the greater sample integrity, reduced noise, and energy savings
  • Easy-to-access controls with setpoint security
  • Blood bank refrigerators and plasma freezers meet strict guidelines for storing whole blood and blood components
  • V-drive technology adapts to your activity to stabilize temperatures and save energy
  • Internal electrical outlet protected by safety sensor circuit
  • Two side access ports to accommodate chromatography applications and equipment
  • GMP Clean Room Class A / ISO 6 (ISO EN 14644-1) compatible
  • Featuring V-drive technology
  • Roll-out wire basket drawers
  • GMP Clean Room Class A / ISO 6 compatible

Choose an upright medical freezer by application

Enzyme Freezers

Plasma Freezers

Support sample protection and sustainability objectives for the storage of enzymes requiring –20°C where even slight intermittent coil warming during auto defrost cannot be tolerated.Our high-performance –30°C plasma freezers with automatic defrost are designed to meet strict requirements established by the AABB for the storage of plasma.
  • Featuring V-drive technology
  • Comes standard with 9 shelves and bins for convenient enzyme storage
  • GMP Clean Room Class A / ISO 6 compatible
  • Featuring V-drive technology
  • Comes standard with 7 stainless steel rollout drawers for convenient plasma bag storage
  • GMP Clean Room Class A / ISO 6 compatible

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TSX505 Undercounter Ref Bro-270x195

TSX Series high-performance undercounter refrigerators

The only undercounter lab-grade refrigerator with redundant cooling.

  • Low energy usage
  • Low noise
  • High storage capacity

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