Explore our ULT freezers virtually to determine which is best for your lab


Drawing on over 80 years of cold storage expertise, we provide a range of ULT freezers from -80°C to -40°C. Our designs prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and storage optimization for seamless research, ergonomic use, and sample protection. Explore our 3D product tours - view, rotate, zoom, discover, and interact with each model. Detailed descriptions of key features and capabilities are embedded in each tour.


TSX Universal Series ULT freezers

TSX Universal ULTs herald a new era in performance with Universal V-Drive technology, delivering tighter control and faster recovery times. Coupled with an expanded setpoint range, universal voltage, whisper-quiet operation, simplified software updates and much more, TSX Universal seamlessly adapts to your workflow.

TDE Series ULT freezers

The workhorse of the busy lab, these TDE upright models, powered by the H-Drive system, set the standard for performance and reliable, high-capacity sample storage in heavy use situations, whether you require -80°C or -40°C capabilities.


TDE Series chest ULT freezers

TDE Series -80°C chest ULT freezers, driven by the H-Drive system, offer the same outstanding experience as our upright ULT freezers, with the added advantage of improved performance. Quick door open recovery and minimal peak variation make them ideal for both frequent and extended storage requirements.