Sample protection with live 24/7/365 monitoring by factory-trained specialists

Thermo Scientific takes remote monitoring one step further with a live team to do the work for you.

Life science research and clinical laboratories working with temperature-sensitive materials can get peace of mind that samples are safe with our 24/7/365 remote monitoring service performed by factory-trained specialists. This unique offering, Smart-Connected Services, is currently available exclusively on Thermo Scientific Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers.* Smart-Connected Services is an affordable solution that removes the burden of monitoring from lab staff by helping eliminate time wasted reviewing dashboards, responding to ambiguous notifications or making unnecessary trips to work in the middle of the night.

*Smart-Connected Services is currently only available in the United States



These TSX Series Ultra-Low Temperature freezers come with built-in monitoring technology, so no additional equipment is needed to get started.


Increased uptime

Once your equipment is connected, our specialists are able to view statistics, parameters, and more to determine potential sources of error and how to resolve them as fast as possible. In many cases, we are able to easily rule out errors that can be corrected without a need for additional service calls.

Enhanced productivity

Smart-Connected Services is a key capability on all Thermo Scientific TSX Series Ultra-Low freezers*. Getting connected can help save your laboratory and operations staff valuable time and money.  

Added protection

When you activate Smart-Connected Services, our teams are always watching over your equipment and ultimately your priceless samples or groundbreaking work. With our service, you can designate multiple individuals to be notified if action is required and remotely view your individual freezer or entire fleet through our online portal at any time.



  • Our 24/7/365 remote monitoring service can apply to one freezer or an entire fleet
  • Robust monitoring covers 37 types of alarms and 26 key parameters of freezer health, including ambient and cabinet temperature, power failure, battery status, door ajar, filter efficacy, and more
  • Factory-trained specialists utilize comprehensive monitoring data to accurately determine when samples are at risk
  • When issues arise, specialists proactively contact you with the appropriate action to help keep your storage cold and maintain sample integrity
  • Web and mobile application dashboards offer self-serve options to check freezer parameters, if desired


  • Easily identify issues that impact temperature across your fleet with auto-generated health reports that provide both short-term and long-term data overlaid with alarm and event activities. Reports include:
    • 7-day snapshots of active alarms/events
    • 1-month snapshots of historical data storage and report retrieval
  • Additional dashboard management options are available. 


  • Connectivity hardware for Smart-Connected Services is already built into all TSX Series freezer models so no additional equipment is required
  • Smart-Connected Services technology is compatible with most enterprise Wi-Fi networks
  • Smart-Connected Services can be added to all Thermo Scientific Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers with a self-install DeviceLink Connect remote


  • The robust data that comes from monitoring gives technical support experts a more complete picture of your equipment’s overall status and maintenance needs  
  • Experts utilize comprehensive monitoring data to proactively reach out with more informed maintenance recommendations
  • Good maintenance recommendations help maximize uptime of your equipment

How to connect

TSX models 

Thermo Scientific TSX ultra-low temperature freezers come with monitoring hardware and software already built in. Detailed start-up instructions are available here. First, connect your TSX freezer to Wi-Fi. Next, if you’re new to Thermo Scientific, simply create a Thermo Fisher Connect account. Be sure to add multiple contacts that can be notified should our monitoring specialists need to reach out. Once that is completed, download the InstrumentConnect application to your mobile device from its app store and add your equipment to the portal by following the information in step 4 below. Now you’re ready to create custom parameters directly from the large freezer touchscreen.


All other Thermo Scientific Ultra-Low Temperature models

1. Connect your DeviceLink Connect system

  • Supply power via the provided AC power cable
  • Connect your instrument via serial/USB cable to the DeviceLink Connect mote
  • Install (optional) independent sensors

2. Establish a Thermo Fisher Connect cloud account

3. Configure your setup via the web-based Commissioner Application

4. Download the free mobile InstrumentConnect mobile application at

5. Monitor your equipment 24/7 from anywhere in the world

For full details, please refer to the resources section below.

Service plans

Smart-Connected Services is available as a standalone monitoring plan that can be purchased during or after the factory warranty period.

Smart-Connected Services is included in the warranty and service plan options from Unity Lab Services. Additional benefits of plans include annual preventive maintenance, enhanced technical and digital remote support and fast response time commitments.