Lab Automation Configurators

Fast, flexible, innovative automation solutions

Our laboratory automation solutions are designed for users demanding high performance and convenience. Using Thermo Scientific configuration tools, you can configure your automations online, create layouts, receive estimates, and easily share system designs with colleagues. 

A self-serve, free-to-use tool, the Thermo Scientific iAutomate is designed to reduce the time associated with configuring and trialing an automation set-up. Users can quickly and easily build their own system to meet individual application or process requirements or modify an existing system around the Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS 2 Microplate Mover. 

Start building your lab online

The iAutomate configuration tool offers automation optimization and efficient online estimating. As a result, users within the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic sectors can gain confidence in the design of their specific automated workflow before it is installed. Demo the tool and choose a workflow to get started. 

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