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Separations are a critical step in your workflow. To operate at its best, your lab needs the expertise and quality of a trusted partner in centrifugation. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a wide range of centrifuges and innovative rotors for all your sample processing needs, with supporting labware including microplates, microtubes to large-capacity bottles—all designed to deliver outstanding performance spin after spin.

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Benchtop Centrifuges

Our benchtop centrifuge portfolio offers a wide range of choices for your application requirements, from cell culture, to clinical diagnostics, to genomics. Choose from the smallest mini to the highest throughput, highest performance model using our selection tools for both centrifuges and rotors. Many configurations are available to meet your needs along with a wide range of accessories to fit any applications, thus making it the perfect workhorses of the lab.

Floor Models Centrifuges

Our floor model centrifuges offer a wide range of choices for academic research labs and industrial production facilities for applications such as high throughput blood banking and bioprocessing. Choose from large capacity centrifuges, versatile superspeed models, space-saving ultracentrifuges and microcentrifuges that handles fast separation of small volume samples. With unmatched rotor selections and lab ware, achieve high performance and maximum flexibility to meet the challenges of all current and future applications.  

Clinical Centrifuges

Our clinical centrifuges are designed for solid reliability and quiet operation. Choose from a comprehensive range of solutions, certified for in vitro diagnostic use, blood banking and other clinical applications, that fit in your lab with compact footprints and with throughput from 1.5 mL to 50 mL sample tubes, microplates and 10 mL syringes.

Bioprocessing Centrifuges

Our bioprocessing centrifuges are designed for high quality, cleaner, faster, higher-yield bio separation. Choose from a suite of centrifugation solutions used for applications such as cell therapies, production of novel proteins, antibodies and vaccines. Get to know more about the single use, sterilized, closed system for centrifugation that reduces contamination risks and saves time for downstream harvesting.

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batch centrifugation during cell therapy manufacturing

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