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Thermo Scientific benchtop centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing in clinical protocols, cell culture applications, microplate processing and a variety of separation needs. In addition, the capacity and ergonomic features of our centrifuges are an exceptional value for everyday sample preparation.

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Our general purpose centrifuges are designed for outstanding performance, flexibility and capacity, and feature innovative Thermo Scientific technologies including Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange and Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors.

Featuring capacities up to 4L, these rotors accommodate a number of vessels, including conical tubes, blood tubes and microplates. Thermo Scientific rotor technologies include Auto-Lock ™ rotor exchange and Fiberlite ™ carbon fiber rotors.

Our small benchtop centrifuges offer maximized capacity in a compact footprint, accommodating multi-laboratory settings with the flexibility to adapt to your evolving clinical and research needs.

Our small benchtop centrifuge rotors feature maximized swing-out capacity and fixed angle flexibility. Process conical tubes, blood tubes and microplates to support a number of clinical and research applications.

Our compact, safe and easy-to-use microcentrifuges combine power with versatility and convenience, support your micro-volume protocols, and can accelerate your sample preparation processes with RCF up to 17,000 x g or 21,100 x g.

We offer 7 microcentrifuge rotors, including the new 10 x 5mL rotor with the Thermo Scientific™ ClickSeal™ biocontainment lid. The standard model offers outstanding versatility: 24 tubes per run from basic microtube processing to mini-preps and spin-columns.

Thermo Scientific cell washers are designed for quick, efficient blood cell preparation. The fully automated cell washing cycle for standardized, repeatable procedures saves times and ensures thorough, reproducible blood cell washing.

Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors offer an advanced alternative to metal rotors, delivering superior performance without fatigue or corrosion for safe and worry-free operation spin after spin.

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