Our benchtop centrifuge portfolio offers a wide range of choices for your application requirements, from cell culture, to clinical diagnostics, to genomics. Each benchtop centrifuge, from the smallest mini to the highest throughput, highest performance model, is designed to operate consistently and efficiently run after run.


A wide variety of rotors and adapters, many biocontainment certified, allows a safe, precise fit for your work, helping you achieve the optimal capacity and g forces needed for your applications. The Auto-Lock™ system lets you easily switch between rotors safely in seconds, with one hand, for greater flexibility. Simple control panels are easy to learn and clearly indicate run status. Many configurations are available to meet your needs now and to adapt to the applications of the future.


Meet our family of centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuge capabilities

Sized for your benchtop

From a personal workstation to an advanced research facility, one of our benchtop models can fit your lab’s space requirements

Models for multiple applications

Well suited to a variety of applications, benchtop centrifuges give you a choice of many models and configurations.

Unmatched rotor selection

Swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors, rugged but lightweight, accommodate large capacities, a variety of containers, and special applications. 

Consistent, reliable operation

You can depend on these durable, robust solutions to perform reliably for consistent results run after run.

Convenient biocontainment

Unique lids open and close with one click to protect the centrifuge, samples, and operators for added safety.

Meet the benchtop centrifuges

Get a quick introduction to the capabilities of our benchtop centrifuges to determine which one best meets your requirements.