Fiberlite centrifuge rotors

Superior performance without fatigue or corrosion

Thermo Scientific Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors offer an advanced alternative to metal centrifuge rotors, delivering superior performance without fatigue or corrosion for safe and worry-free operation spin after spin. They enhance productivity by reducing run times with higher G-forces; their corrosion- and fatigue-resistant design ensures structural integrity, and your investment is secured with a 15-year warranty. 

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For routine and high performance benchtop centrifuges, ideal for high speed applications:

  • PCR post-reaction clean up
  • Cell culture
  • DNA sample prep
  • Subcellular fractionation
  • Protein identification
 DescriptionCapacityMax Speed*Max RCF*Type
Fiberlite F10-6 x 100 LEX Rotor6 x 100mL10,500rpm15,038 x gFixed angle
Fiberlite F14-6 x 250LE Rotor6 x 250mL10,000rpm
15,317 x gFixed angle
routine benchtop centrifuge fixed angle rotorFiberlite F15-6x100y Rotor6 x 100mL13,000rpm18,516 x gFixed angle
Fiberlite F13-14x50cy Rotor14 x 50mL8,500rpm12,359 x gFixed angle
Fiberlite F15-8x50cy Rotor8 x 50mL14,500rpm24,446 x gFixed angle
routine benchtop centrifuge fixed angle rotorFiberlite F21-48x2 Rotor48 x 2mL15,200rpm25,055 x gFixed angle
Fiberlite H3-LV Swinging Bucket Rotor28 microplates3,600rpm2,738 x gSwinging bucket

*Max speed and max G-force may vary by centrifuge and voltage. See product detail for precise specifications.

For the Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge for applications requiring a high speed centrifuge:

  • Cellular biology
  • Diagnostic and clinical biology
  • Genomics and molecular biology
  • Bioprocessing
  • Proteomics
  • Virology and nanotechnology
  • Research and drug discovery
Max SpeedMax RCF
Fiberlite F9-6x1000 LEX Rotor6 x 1000mL9,000rpm17,568 x gFixed angle
F10-4x1000 LEX Rotor4 x 1000mL10,500rpm20,584 x gFixed angle
F12-6x500 LEX Rotor6 x 500mL12,000rpm24,471 x gFixed angle
F14-6x250y Rotor6 x 250mL14,000rpm30,240 x gFixed angle
F14-14x50cy Rotor14 x 50mL14,000rpm33,746 x gFixed angle
F20-12x50 LEX Rotor12 x 50mL20,000rpm51,428 x gFixed angle
F21-8x50y Rotor8 x 50mL20,000rpm47,850 x gFixed angle
F23-48x1.5 Rotor48 x 1.5mL23,000rpm57,368 x gFixed angle

*Max speed and max G-force may vary by centrifuge and voltage. See product detail for precise specifications.

For our legacy Sorvall RC Series Centrifuges

Max SpeedMax RCF
Fiberlite F10-4x1000 LEX Rotor4 x 1000mL9,500rpm16,880 x gFixed angle
F12-6x500 LEX Rotor6 x 500mL12,000rpm24,515 x gFixed angle
F14-6x250y Rotor6 x 250mL14,000rpm30,100 x gFixed angle
F13-14x50cy Rotor4 x 50mL13,000rpm29,000 x gFixed angle
F20-6x100 Rotor12 x 50mL20,000rpm43,900 x gFixed angle
F21-8x50y Rotor8 x 50mL20,000rpm47,500 x gFixed angle
F21-48x1.5 Rotor48 x 1.5mL21,000rpm43,500 x gFixed angle

For the Sorvall WX Ultracentrifuge Series for applications requiring ultraspeed centrifugation:

  • Proteomics
  • Cell clarification
  • Nucleic acid preparation
Max SpeedMax RCF
Fiberlite F37L-8x1008 x 100mL37,000rpm182,460 x gFixed angle
F50L-8x39 Rotor8 x 39mL50,000rpm266,000 x gFixed angle
F65L-6x13.5 Rotor6 x 13.5mL65,000rpm324,000 x gFixed angle
F50L-24x1.5 Rotor24 x 1.5mL50,000rpm280,000 x gFixed angle

For use with our Sorvall BIOS A Centrifuge for batch processing and our legacy Sorvall RC 4, Cryofuge 5500i and Multifuge 4 for blood banking applications.

  • Yeast
  • Bacteria
  • Mammalian cells
  • Blood processing
Max SpeedMax RCF
Fiberlite F6-10x1000 LEX Rotor
10 x 1000mL6,250rpm12,000 x gFixed angle
F10-6x250y Rotor6 x 250mL10,000rpm15,344 x gFixed angle

Fiberlite key features and benefits

Performance tested and ready to be used with automatic rotor recognition and capability to reach higher speeds than metal equivalents, improving separations.

Design with corrosion- and fatigue-resistance to maintain the rotor's structural integrity for outstanding durability and maintenance convenience.

Value in on-site clinics and maintenance to ensure proper use and care to extend life of your rotors, continuous improvements in design to increase capacities for efficiency and throughput, and industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Ergonomics like AutoLock rotor exchange allow 3-second, push-button rotor exchange, integrated handle makes gripping easy, and unique lightweight carbon fiber enables use in multiple applications.

Biocontainment with rotor and lid combinations that protect the user, the centrifuge and the samples, and certified by Public Health England, Porton Down UK.

Learn more about increasing efficiency of centrifugation while maintaining the quality and safety of your work.
 Five Ways Fiberlite Rotors Let Researchers Focus on their Work -- Worry-free

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