Floor Model Centrifuge Features

Centrifuges are a vital part of the lab workflow for processing samples from microliter volumes to multi-liter batches. To meet the needs of a wide variety of applications from blood banking, advanced research, to industrial bioprocessing, a Thermo Scientific™ floor model centrifuge gives you speed and power, along with easy-to-use controls to help your work run smoothly.

Compare floor centrifuge models using our selection guide

Our floor model centrifuges can play a vital role in SARS-Cov-2 basic and vaccine research. Powerful combinations of equipment and rotors let you select a suitable centrifuge for every task from genetic and proteomic applications to pilot-scale vaccine research. Our industrial centrifuges take over for purification of vaccines on an R&D scale and then for commercial volumes for batch processing.

Comprehensive choice of rotors

Thermo Scientific floor model centrifuges offer an unparalleled selection of rotors. Swinging bucket rotors provide flexible, large capacity options for blood processing and bioproduction. High performance fixed angle rotors accommodate samples from 2 mL microtubes to 1 L bottles. Rounding out the selection are rotors for continuous flow and zonal separations. These rotors can perform high-throughput continuous processing for many bioproduction applications such as vaccine purification and concentration.  


Rotors for superspeed centrifuges feature the Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange system for fast, secure rotor installation and removal. For biocontainment, many rotors accommodate ClickSeal™ lids to protect the centrifuge, sample, and operator.  

Innovative materials

Built to last, unique Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors are lightweight for energy efficiency. Fiberlite rotors are the ideal choice for spinning large volumes at higher speeds and can weigh significantly less than traditional metal rotors.

Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors 

The innovative Fiberlite material resists corrosion and fatigue, reducing the chance of deformity and the need for derating. Fiberlite rotors are backed by a 15-year warranty.  

Large capacity centrifuges for blood banking applications: efficient throughput, ease of operation

Large capacity centrifuges are excellent solutions for high-throughput blood banking and bioprocessing applications. Choose from three models to fit your application.  


Medium throughput processing (8 x 550 mL capacity) and high throughput processing (16 x 500 mL capacity) models accommodate a variety of swinging bucket rotors, so you can use your validated protocols to process a range of products in blood bags or bottles.  


In addition, a lower throughput model is available to fit the needs of smaller labs that require lower volume blood processing, microplate processing, and research work. This model accommodates a wide variety of rotors for biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical, and blood banking applications.


Regardless of which model you choose, you will have capabilities that make these centrifuges reliable and easy to use, including automatic adjustment of run time to account for variations in acceleration to ensure reproducibility of runs, and automatic imbalance detection for stability of runs.

Small samples, fast processing


Large capacity centrifuges fit right into the workflow of blood banks and labs that need high throughput of large volumes. Some models are available in heavy duty and water-cooled versions, which reduce the risk of contamination and make cleaning easier. These options are ideal for labs focusing on GMP compliance.  

Ergonomic advantages 

Large capacity centrifuges offer advantages in ergonomics. Auto-Door™ opening releases the centrifuge door from front to back without the operator touching the door. Auto-Lid™ opening releases rotor lids instantly, so they the can be stored in the interior of the centrifuge door, an additional space-saving advantage.

Friendly, functional software


Control panels for our large capacity centrifuges are easy to view and use, with plenty of sophisticated functionality. Blood processing centrifuges, for example, offer the Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Cross™ program, which converts your existing protocols from other Thermo Scientific models for use on our latest large capacity centrifuges. The Thermo Scientifc™ Centri-Touch™ interface keeps basic centrifuge operation extremely simple. Important run conditions are clearly visible to operators. Optional software applications are available for real-time monitoring and control, and for data collection.

The Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Track™ application provides downloadable, onboard logging of user and run information and errors. Thermo Scientific™ Cycle-Log™ software monitors rotor bucket life for added safety. Optional Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Log™ Plus software is a protocol tracking solution for centrifuge optimization and compliance with standard operating procedures and traceability—a real asset for blood banking.  

Superspeed centrifuges: breakthrough technology, versatility

Sorvall™ LYNX™ series centrifuges are ideal for labs with evolving needs and multiple users. These superspeed centrifuges are well suited to applications from genomics, molecular biology, nanotechnology, virus research, to drug development. With RCFs to 100,605 x g and capacities to 6 L, the Sorvall LYNX 6000 is a high-performance solution for applications from basic research to downstream bioprocessing. For a variety of subcellular and cellular separations, consider the versatile Sorvall LYNX 4000. A total of 19 rotors, including fixed angle, swinging bucket, and continuous flow, are offered for application flexibility.  

Smart Vacuum system


The Smart Vacuum system in the LYNX 6000 optimizes performance and efficiency. It partially evacuates the rotor chamber based on the rotor selected to reduce the power needed for the run. The LYNX 6000 offers an optional HEPA filter for an extra level of biosafety.

Auto-Lock rotor exchange 

Pushbutton Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange is available on most rotors for Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuges. Ergonomic speed handles make tightening rotor lids safer and their removal easier, to enable installation and removal of rotors in three seconds.



Auto-ID for rotors


Auto-ID™ rotor identification simplifies operation, even for novice users. Just install the rotor and the system automatically loads the rotor parameters to reduce setup time and minimize the possibility of errors.

Convenient and connected software


The bright, interactive touchscreen on LYNX centrifuges displays multiple languages, lets you create and store up to 120 programs, and is easy to read from a distance. You can log and report operator and run data using a USB port or Ethernet, and connect to Centri-Log Plus data management software to support GMP compliance. For maximum flexibility, the software connects with the optional Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Vue™ application for real-time monitoring from your mobile device. 

Ultracentrifuges: outstanding speed, compact design

The small footprint design of the Sorvall™ WX+ ultracentrifuge series maximizes space in your lab. Speeds of up to 100,000 rpm match your lab’s needs and provide high performance for applications from genomics to proteomics. An open rotor system lets you use most ultraspeed rotors from other major manufacturers for flexibility.


The Sorvall MTX/MX+ micro-ultracentrifuge series, which produces over 1 million x g, features advanced functionality in a compact footprint, with both floor-standing and benchtop configurations. Quiet operation, as low as 45 dB, lets technicians work with minimal distraction. The self-locking rotor system eliminates the need to bolt down the rotor and ensures that it is securely installed.  


Lightweight Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors are versatile options for ultracentrifuges. These fatigue-resistant rotors do not need to be derated over time. Rugged titanium rotors come in a variety of angles and sizes to accommodate different tubes. Continuous flow and zonal rotors are also available for high volume downstream processing, including density gradient separations.

Secured rotor locking 

The self-locking rotor system on ultracentrifuges automatically secures the rotor to the drive shaft. This innovation eliminates the need to manually secure the rotor, facilitating rotor installation and enhancing safety. 

Visual sample balancing


Automatic tube balance compensation helps accelerate sample preparation by allowing visual sample balancing up to 5 mm for safe, reliable runs.  

Top-loading swinging bucket rotors


Innovative top-loading rotors, such as the SureSpin™ 632, are made of titanium, are easy to use, and eliminate issues caused by mis-hooked buckets. With a 1,000 cycle bucket lifespan, these rotors are practical and cost effective for busy labs.

Readable color display


The full-color graphical display is easy to read and navigate and simplifies setup and control of run parameters such as time, speed, and RCF. Manage rotor life by tracking the number of rotor runs and total spin hours. Optional Log Manager software provides extra intelligence to support GMP and GLP compliance.

Bioprocessing centrifuges: scalable, high throughput

High capacity, high performance


Sorvall BIOS series centrifuges support bioprocessing applications such as vaccines, biologics, biofuels, veterinary medicines, recombinant proteins, and raw materials. These centrifuges are packed with capabilities, including Auto-Lid rotor storage, Auto-ID rotor detection, and automatic load imbalance correction. EcoSpin™ windshielded rotors can reduce energy consumption by up to 64% compared with standard swinging bucket rotors.


Models for medium throughput (6 x 1 L capacity) processing and high throughput processing (8 x 2 L for the Sorvall BIOS 16 and 10 x 1 L for the Sorvall BIOS A) are available. They accommodate a variety of swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors, so you can use your validated protocols to process a range of products in tubes, bags or bottles.


The BIOS series adds intelligence to your process. Programming functions are easily accessible through the Centri-Touch interface, with its highly visible, glove-friendly display. These centrifuges have Centri-Track logging software built in to record users, run conditions, and error messages. Optional Centri-Log Plus software is a protocol tracking solution for centrifuge optimization and compliance with standard operating procedures and traceability.  

Select the BIOS 16 centrifuge with a choice of four rotors for gentle separations with lower RCF requirements. The flexible 1 or 2 liter bottle capacity matches your existing workflows. The BIOS 16 centrifuge with NEW Thermo Scientific™ CentriPAK™ BPC system combines our leading technology with an innovative, single-use, sterilized closed system designed for improved security of cell culture separations in the bioprocessing industry. Choose the BIOS A centrifuge for higher separation efficiency. For example, with the Fiberlite F-10x1000 LEX rotor, this model processes 10 L at up to 12,000 x g, with all the advantages of our carbon fiber rotors, including corrosion and fatigue resistance, backed by a 15-year warranty.

Industrial-scale flexibility


CC40NX bioprocessing centrifuges for industrial applications separate nano-sized particles with sample and data integrity, and no carryover, even at the highest pressures. With the CC40NX, applications are linearly scalable for both continuous flow and batch operations. High capacity is an advantage: up to 7.7 L with continuous flow operation and 8.0 L for batch processing. The 1.6 L capacity CC40SNX model is suitable for research, development, and small-volume production of biopharmaceuticals. Both models have maximum speeds of 40,000 rpm and RCFs to 118,000 x g.



With the flexible CC40NX centrifuge, labs can scale down or scale up their processes. This allows you, for example, to develop a process in a small scale, down to 0.2 L of a large-scale process, and scale up by simply changing a core piece in the rotor. The process parameters remain the same.

Practical operation


CC40NX series centrifuges run on one 30 A power supply, so there is no need for a separate air turbine compressor and air exhaust system, or an external cooling water loop, which provides location and workflow flexibility. The centrifuges operate quietly at 68 dB at 40,000 rpm. In the event of a power failure, a backup system automatically maintains oil to the motor bearings.


The microcomputer controls of the centrifuge and a digital display of the centrifuge parameters allow the operator to visually monitor the run. Automatic error detection makes unattended operation practical. Self diagnostics with error codes enables easier correction should a problem occur. Onboard CCManager software collects data for QC and compliance.

Versatile accessories

Rotor buckets, adapters, and lids


Maximize throughput, convenience, and performance with the exact accessories for your rotor and application. Choose from a wide selection of adapter shapes and sizes for both swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors, and buckets for swinging bucket rotors. For biocontainment, ClickSeal™ lids are sized to fit many bucket shapes and fixed angle rotors.

High performance bottles for superspeed centrifuges


Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ bottles are designed for the speeds and RCFs of our superspeed centrifuges and are ideal for bacterial and yeast isolations and viral harvesting. Choose from 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1,000 mL capacities in polypropylene copolymer and polycarbonate materials.  

BIOS bottles for bioprocessing


Thermo Scientific™ 2 liter bottles are the ideal solution for harvesting large volumes in our bioprocessing centrifuges. Harvest up to 16 liters in a single run in a swinging bucket rotor with these translucent polypropylene bottles.