Floor Model Centrifuge Software

Software for floor model centrifuges makes operation even simpler, starting with standard, built-in functions that reside onboard for easy, convenient control and data logging. Optional applications offer advanced capabilities for the next level of monitoring, data management, and compliance activities, and are especially useful in labs with multiple instruments and users.

Floor model centrifuge software guide

Built-in software and functions

Optional Software

Centri-Log Plus data management software 

Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Log™ Plus data management software provides accurate, reliable data collection, reporting, and archiving. This solution supports regulatory and auditing activities for both GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance—a critical focus for labs in regulated environments such as blood banking and bioprocessing.  


With the Centri-Log Plus application, you can connect and track multiple centrifuges on the same network and store the data on a PC or network drive. The software records every action to deliver complete audit trails. In addition, Centri-Log Plus software lets you control user access and privileges to ensure that users perform only authorized actions, which adds extra security.

Centri-Log Plus software displays real-time data for run parameters on a PC for continual monitoring of speed, time, and temperature, and issues notifications of any protocol deviations, allowing lab managers to optimize process management. The software creates an electronic record of every run, including a graphical representation, to yield comprehensive data for enhanced traceability.

Centri-Vue software for monitoring and control 

The Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Vue™ application gives you simple, real-time control of your large capacity or superspeed centrifuges. Download the Centri-Vue app onto an iOS™ or Android™ smart device and have the option of using the centrifuge control panel or the smart device to operate the centrifuge from start to finish.  


The Centri-Vue app supports walkaway operation, so you can find and select a centrifuge, start and stop a run, check errors and run status, and know when the run has been completed—all without leaving the office or lab space.  

With the Centri-Vue app, manage and operate your centrifuges where it is most convenient, and save valuable time. The software replicates the centrifuge’s main screen on a smart device for easy monitoring.

Log Manager run tracking software

Log Manager software performs real-time monitoring of up to 16 networked ultracentrifuges, providing audit trails for labs needing 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. The software generates encrypted data files and displays run conditions graphically in real time for additional convenience. Log Manager is compatible with both WX+ and MTX/MX+ series ultracentrifuges.

Log Manager lets you see the detailed operating status of any connected ultracentrifuge. You can scroll, display additional parameters from the window, and add comments.