Versatility for every application

Rotors come in a range of fixed-angle, swinging-bucket or vertical models and can accommodate tubes from 0.2 mL to 30 mL—helping to enable the flexibility to address a full range of small-volume processing applications, including studying viruses, organelles, lipoproteins, nanoparticles and nucleic acids.


Popular micro ultracentrifuge rotors

S50-A Fixed Angle Rotor

S50-ST Swinging-Bucket Rotor

S140-AT Fixed Angle Rotor

Featured micro ultracentrifuge rotor categories

Our versatile portfolio of micro ultracentrifuge rotors offers the power of ultracentrifugation in small, quiet and fast benchtop and floor micro-ultracentrifuges.


Our line of small, quiet and fast benchtop and floor micro-ultracentrifuges puts the power of ultracentrifugation within your reach.




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