Speed and versatility for your microcentrifuge tube applications

Choose between our standard rotor (spinning 24 tubes per run) for basic microtube processing to mini-preps and spin-columns, and the flexibility of 6 additional rotor choices to accommodate 0.5mL to 5mL microtubes, PCR tubes and hematocrit capillaries. These high performance engineered polymer rotors are designed for outstanding chemical resistance to minimize corrosion from aggressive reagents.

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Thermo Scientific rotors for your microcentrifuge tubes

Rotor Rotor capacity Max tube dimensions Max speed (rpm)
& RCF (xg)
Catalog #
24 x 1.5/2.0mL rotor with ClickSeal biocontainment lid1
Standard rotor with exceptional versatility; 24 tubes per run from basic microtube processing to mini-preps and spin columns and additional flexibility with available adapters.
24 x 1.5/2.0
11 x 50 14,800 rpm
21,100 xg
0.5/0.6mL µL tube adapters (24) 24 x 0.5/0.6 7 x 32 14,800 rpm
21,100 xg
0.25/0.4mL µL tube adapters (24) 24 x 0.25/0.4 6 x 24 14,800 rpm
21,100 xg
0.2mL PCR tube adapters (24) 24 x 0.2 6 x 24
14,800 rpm
21,100 xg
Dual Row 18 x 2.0/0.5mL rotor with screw-on lid
Accommodate two different size tubes in one rotor without using adapters.
18 x 0.5/2.0 11 x 50
14,800 rpm
20,800 xg
36 x 0.5mL rotor with screw-on lid
Increase throughput for smaller microtubes.
36 x 0.5 7 x 32
14,800 rpm
19,300 xg
10 x 5mL rotor with ClickSeal biocontainment lid
Increase your nucleic acid sample separation.
10 x 5.0 17 x 62 14,800 rpm
20,326 xg
PCR 8 x 8 rotor with screw-on lid
Centrifuge up to 8 PCR strips at one time.
64 x 0.2 6 x 24 14,800 rpm
17,100 xg
PCR 4 x 8 rotor with ClickSeal biocontainment lid1
Process up to 4 PCR strips with certified1 sample protection.
32 x 0.2 6 x 24 14,800 rpm
16,200 xg
Hematocrit rotor
Achieve fast capillary separations with included linear scale to read results.
24 capillaries NA 14,800 rpm
16,800 xg

1Biocontainment certification by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK on all rotors with ClickSeal™ biocontainment lids, except for the 10 x 5mL rotor.

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Microcentrifuges that fit in and stand out

Accelerate your micro-volume protocols with high speeds (up to 21,100 xg), rotor versatility and outstanding safety with certified ClickSeal biocontainment.

How does an engineered polymer rotor impact the operation and maintenance of a microcentrifuge?

Microcentrifuge rotor smart note

Microcentrifuges are critical to both life science research and clinical diagnostic applications, and the rotor selection can impact the safety and productivity of these high-use instruments. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant polypropylene rotors, available for Thermo Scientific microcentrifuges, are designed to enhance safety and productivity.

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