Supporting the architecture of science

You’re building a space for the future. Your vision integrates form, flexibility and functionality. Collaborate with a partner who speaks your language and appreciates the complexity of your project. Innovate with a support team whose expertise and experience can seamlessly integrate with you from the earliest design stages throughout the life of the lab. Let us help you build smarter labs and benefit from:

  • Deep Scientific Expertise: As a direct response to the needs of the market, we create innovative technologies that help you design a space that can meet the most complex needs for the lab.
  • Collaborate Culture: Trust the world leader in serving science, focused on working with you to build a lab uniquely suited to your client’s functionality and form.
  • Valuable Resources: Backed by a dedicated new construction support and service team with tools created with you in mind. We aim to provide you with everything needed to make the best decisions for you and/or your client.
  • Proven Performance: Feel confident in the quality and breadth of our portfolio that work together to create a practical lab.
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Expert team support

Valuable resources

Virtual lab design tools

new lab

Top considerations for developing a new lab 

Learn how you get set up within budget and timeframe for developing your new lab or planning your lab expansion.

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5 lab myths

Top 5 lab sustainability myths, busted

When it comes to lab sustainability, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Read to learn which common sustainability myths just don’t hold up.

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from research to GMP

Transitioning from research to GMP?

Explore the role of lab equipment when it comes to transitioning from research to a GMP environment.

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managing data

Managing data in laboratory equipment

See how data is managed with lab equipment and what internal and external monitoring systems can do to facilitate data acquisition and storage.

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Lab construction resources

We provide you with technical drawings, construction files, renderings, and energy consumption calculators - everything you need to plan your lab or new lab space. We can support your new construction or remodeling project in all stages of the process:

  • Application support
  • Specifications for mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Revit®, STEP and CAD drawings available for pre-design planning
  • Sustainability and energy savings calculations
  • Budgeting and planning support for laboratory equipment
  • AIA presentations (qualify for CEU credits)

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Looking for new lab programs?

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Lab design tool 

A lab planner tool is available to help compose your lab equipment in the way it‘s most efficient for you. Choose from templates or create your own lab.

Visualize your new lab with our lab planner tool:

  • Enter dimensions
  • Start new or choose from templates
  • Place furniture, add windows, walls, doors etc.
  • Add Thermo Scientific laboratory equipment in the correct size
  • Take a 3D virtual walk through your new laboratory

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Workflow expertise  

In our virtual reality tools, you can find applications with their workflow steps and relevant products. Check out available workflows in 3D—from cell culture, cell therapy, genomics, biobanking to beermaking, winemaking and more.

  • Take a workflow tour highlighting every step including relevant products
  • Find product details and links to resources
  • Create your list of products to request a quote for

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3D product tours

Deep dive into the functionality of our products and 360-degree spin, zoom, rotate and interact with our laboratory equipment. Save time and resources by utilizing this digital toolkit to bring our products to life in a 360° format for easy selection and lab configuration.

  • Available as self-guided tour or with an expert to walk you through
  • Include product highlights and possibility to interact or show animations
  • With the app on your phone or tablet: place the product directly into your laboratory
  • Link to many resources available for the product

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   Lab equipment

   From water baths, shakers to ULT freezers and centrifuges.

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   Lab consumables

   From tubes, bottles, filters to pipettes and microplate instruments.

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