Solaris Orbital Shakers

Thermo Scientific Solaris Orbital Shakers set a high standard for reliability and technical innovation. Ruggedly built for demanding applications in busy research and GLP/GMP labs, they combine a new ergonomic design with key feature enhancements that help save you time, protect your process, and drive your science forward. 


Reliability and technical innovation

Raising the bar in performance

Advanced user interface and programming capabilities for fast and secure storage of protocols and setpoints. The large, bright user interface lets you easily monitor set points and status conditions from across the lab. Programs can be downloaded, uploaded, or shared across other Solaris shakers in your laboratory, allowing for better reproducibility and efficiency.

Designed for easy maintenance

Solaris Orbital Shakers have rounded corners and easy-to-remove platforms that make cleaning fast and simple. A sealed motor and shaker housing protects the drive mechanism from damaging spills, simplifies cleaning, and controls contamination. The sleek and thoughtful design results in a low-maintenance shaker with a long service life.

Energy-optimized with Peltier technology

The Solaris Incubated and Refrigerated Benchtop Shakers are energy efficient and use 58% less energy compared to older models with a traditional compressor design. Compressor-free, environmentally friendly Peltier cooling helps reduce costly energy consumption and can be less hazardous.



  • Use in ambient or refrigerator/ cold room temperatures (5 degrees C to 40 degrees C)
  • Create and store up to 99 unique programs
  • Wide variety of accessories available to fit your needs
  • Multiple data options: graphing and historical monitoring
  • User interface available in 10 languages
  • Universal voltages (100V to 240V) with region-specific plugs


The perfect fit for your applications

Solaris Orbital Shakers offer critical flexibility to meet virtually any application requirement. They also have high compatibility with GLP/GMP operations. The Solaris Open Air models are specially engineered to help support operation inside a range of lab equipment, including environmental chambers, incubators, and lab refrigerators for added flexibility.*

Cell and gene therapy

  • Stability testing (temperature controlled)
  • Vector construction and plasmid production procedures

Molecular biology/biochemistry

  • General mixing (buffers, stains)
  • Stain agitation for Southern, western, and northern blots, as well as Coomassie gel stain
  • Hybridizations: DNA/RNA, protein/protein, and DNA or RNA/protein binding


  • GLP/GMP compatible (open air)
  • Initiating bacterial, insect, yeast, and plant cell culture for protein and vaccine production
  • Validated compatibility with ISO Class 5 (Grade A/B) cleanroom (open air)

* User is responsible for safe operation of Solaris shakers in combination with any lab equipment.


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